2019 Smart Lamp Pole Industry Market Status And Trend Analysis

- Nov 27, 2019-

I. market status and trend analysis of smart lamp pole industry

As early as 2008, IBM put forward the concept of "smart earth", and then in 2010, IBM put forward the vision of "smart city". Governments of various countries are also actively advocating the construction and development of smart cities. However, the specific construction of smart city is different for each region and enterprise. In this context, the smart light pole came into being. As an important part of smart city, smart light pole has innate advantages in the number of access points of the Internet of things. It is an excellent access point for smart city and a good implementation of smart city.

According to the current development situation, the smart lamp pole market has obvious growth rate, but the overall scale is small, participants are mixed, the number of layout enterprises is increasing year by year, the types of participating enterprises are diverse, and the development mode has choices.

Market growth is obvious, smart lamp pole construction scale is still small. From the perspective of market application, the construction and application of smart lamp poles at home and abroad are in the initial stage of development. In China, smart lamp poles did not start to be distributed until 2014, and after four years of development, they began to enter the demonstration stage in 2018. According to OFweek industry research institute, the construction scale of smart lamp poles in China reached 6,500 in 2018, and the overall market scale is still small. However, driven by the continuous progress of smart city construction and the wave of 5G commercialization, smart lamp poles, as a natural combination of 5G micro-base stations, are expected to achieve breakthrough growth in the next two or three years.

2014-2021 construction scale of intelligent light pole in China (root)

Participants mixed, the number of layout enterprises increased year by year. With the development of smart city construction in China, enterprises, no matter big or small, have joined the smart lamp pole industry one after another. There are no less than 400-500 enterprises with the name of "smart lamp pole", and the quality of their products varies. According to the survey, the number of intelligent lamp pole enterprises with real products and achievements has grown from only a few in 2015 to 40-50 now, with the growth rate of enterprises all above 60% in the past three years.

Trend chart of intelligent light pole enterprise number

However, with the establishment of industry norms and standards, the concentration in the industry will eventually become higher and higher, some enterprises without core competitiveness will be eliminated, the number of enterprises will decline, and the main market share of smart lamp pole construction will probably be controlled by a few enterprises, such as China iron tower, huawei and other large enterprises.

There are various types of enterprises and different development modes. At present, there are mainly several types of enterprises entering the field of smart lamp poles: street lamp enterprises, lamp-post enterprises, control system enterprises and communication enterprises. All kinds of related enterprises in the ecological chain actively cross the boundary and share the dividends of the development of smart lamp poles. In the future, the smart lamp pole field may attract enterprises from more fields to cross boundary layout and more diversified types of enterprises, such as display enterprises and charging pile enterprises.

Typical intelligent lamp pole enterprise and its development mode

Ii. Analysis of problems faced by the smart lamp pole industry

Although the smart lamp pole industry is in the hot spot of the industry, most enterprises find it difficult to carry out large-scale promotion due to the lack of relevant policies and industry standards, unclear market demand and unclear profit model.

Relevant laws and regulations are not perfect enough. Most of the local policies are based on departmental regulations, with low legal status, weak legal effect, less specific provisions, poor operability, and poor reference in practical application.

The construction and operation mode is not clear, and all departments lack information and resources interconnection. Because wisdom light pole scheme involved in the weather, traffic, city construction, advertising management and so on different areas, and these areas in the domestic belong to different organizations and management of department, thus leading to lead department, construction department and operating department is not clear, lead to operators and involved about business communication and coordination between different departments is very complex.

Lack of capital source, can not meet the comprehensive construction of smart lamp pole. The construction of smart lamp pole lacks capital source, government financing is insufficient, reconstruction lacks a large amount of capital investment. The construction cycle of smart lamp pole is long, the expected income is low, the payback period of investment is long, the project risk is high, and the self-financing is difficult to succeed. All these problems lead to the enterprises' cautious attitude towards the investment of smart lamp pole.

Market demand is not clear, to each function module demand is inconsistent. First of all, the street lamp needs to meet the most basic energy-saving lighting needs. Second, wisdom is not confined to the role of lighting, light pole carries industry demand puts forward more requirements on it, such as urban environment monitoring, video monitoring, a wireless network, information release, emergency call, charging pile, such as micro base station, a project may need only a few root full-featured wisdom light pole, the rest of the light pole is integrated with lighting and part function modules.

The product quality of intelligent lamp pole is uneven. Due to the short development time of the smart lamp pole industry, most of them are in the pilot demonstration stage at present, and the industry lacks unified quality standards, resulting in uneven product quality. At the same time, the manufacturers of smart lamp poles lack independent intellectual property rights, their technical strength is generally insufficient, and their compatibility and universality in platform application are poor. Therefore, it is difficult for customers to measure when choosing smart lamp poles.

3. Suggestions for the construction of intelligent lamp pole industry

From the perspective of the government, the government can promote the development of the industry from three aspects: improving laws and regulations, establishing leading departments and innovating financing models.

We will improve relevant laws, regulations and technical standards, and standardize the development of the smart lamp pole industry. China's existing laws and regulations should put forward clear norms and standards for smart cities, or even other municipal engineering renovation, and follow relevant domestic and international regulations. Relevant departments should quickly improve relevant laws and regulations to adapt to the development needs of the new situation. In terms of smart lamp pole products, relevant technical standards and quality standards should be formulated and improved, so as to optimize the use according to the time and place, avoid excessive pursuit of functional coverage, lose the essence and ignore the basic properties of street lighting.

Establish specific management and promotion departments to promote the construction of smart lamp posts. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the smart lighting project, government departments can establish the corresponding smart light pole construction promotion fund to provide special financial support for the construction of smart light pole. The construction of smart light poles requires the government to act as a link and the cooperation of multiple entities, including state-owned enterprises, government departments and private enterprises. Set up specific management and promotion department, develop policy and supervision system to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Establish a multi-purpose joint construction and sharing coordination organization to coordinate and coordinate the transformation needs of all parties, and introduce smart light pole operation and management units to provide professional joint construction and sharing operation and management services.

Coordination organization for multi-purpose co-construction and sharing: coordinate the equipment mounting requirements of each demand unit, coordinate resources of all parties, unify planning and construction, and realize the co-construction and sharing of all municipal rod resources.

Operation and management unit of smart lamp pole: assist coordination agencies to conduct unified information management of rod resources and provide professional co-construction and sharing operation and management services to meet the mounting needs of all parties.

Government units or enterprises: if they need to use the resources on municipal roads, in order to avoid repeated investment, repeated excavation, and repeated disturbance to the residents, the users shall apply to the coordination organization for paid rent, which can only be implemented after passing the application.

Intelligent light pole sharing coordination mechanism model

Create conditions and use various financing methods to serve urban infrastructure. We should establish a win-win project construction model, adopt various financing models, attract private capital, and use contract energy management, PPP and other models to help the construction of smart light poles go smoothly. The relationship between government and enterprises, enterprises and the public, safety and openness, profit and public welfare should be well handled. It is considered to introduce smart lamp pole in the process of street lamp renovation to expand business area and increase business income through other functions of smart lamp pole. Through publicity, the attraction of smart lamp pole construction to social capital will be increased, and the public's understanding of smart lamp will be improved at the same time.

From the perspective of enterprises, enterprises can make efforts from product positioning and quality control to gain more market.

Define product positioning and develop different products according to different application scenarios. Set up special product management functions and allocate personnel to uniformly manage the market information, technology, cost and other aspects of the product life cycle to ensure the correct product positioning. Research and develop products for different application scenarios, and try to ensure that the functions of the products are close to the practical, must not pursue full functional coverage. For first-tier cities, product functions should meet the market demand as much as possible, and constantly improve the level of intelligent and networked products to ensure seamless connection between products and smart city system. In view of the needs of third-tier, fourth-tier and some backward areas, the smart city construction is still lagging behind, and the Internet of things system is not yet sound, so products should emphasize practicability and meet the basic needs of use.

Optimize supply chain management system and after-sales service to ensure product quality and service. On supply chain management system, standard of strict supplier development, screening and cooperation, ensure the quality of each function module of purchasing, at the same time set up perfect after-sales service system, cultivating the wisdom of the professional lighting maintenance operations team, ensure that all the wisdom of the safe and stable operation and try to get the local government and enterprises in the pilot period, lay the foundation for future large-scale promotion.