5G Arrival, First-tier Cities Can Only Led Outdoor Display Market

- Jun 27, 2019-

The increasingly imminent 5G and AI have knocked on the door of smart city construction more and more clearly. 5G phones were launched in Shanghai on March 31. By September this year, Shanghai will become one of China's * 5G commercial cities. At present, China's 5G technology is still in the position of xi, despite being blocked by the us and Europe. Its price advantage is especially evident in the distribution and construction of infrastructure. Shanghai outdoor advertising industry, which always advocates the transformation to "digital, night Shanghai, diversity", should reposition its role in this wave.

Remember the mayor's words? Outdoor advertising is the Face of the city! As China to big commercial cities and kechuang center of Shanghai, the advertising industry especially the outdoor advertising industry should comply to, perfect themselves as the era of Internet of things also can't avoid the role of the visualization visual node characteristics, strengthen urban intelligent comprehensive transformation in the field of digital business, mass consumption of form a complete set of industry cooperation, make full use of the Shanghai market big flow concentration advantage, timely find the digital and networking of outdoor media (hereinafter referred to as the "intelligent outdoor media) as a link between consumption and supply chain promotion platform advantages, play its application as a public space information hub node model, Let 5G rapidly gradient the cost spread in the application mode of more scenarios, and jump out of the siege as soon as possible to enter a virtuous cycle.

The ecological construction goal of Shanghai outdoor advertising industry in the era of 5G and AI is to establish the world's leading intelligent outdoor advertising system and create a colorful scene atmosphere in the top-flow world city. Shanghai outdoor advertising industry must further break away from the limit of the simple location industry, with the dynamic operation thinking of cross-border integration, deeply consider and actively practice the big design concept of urban public space renewal and the big consumption concept of citizen lifestyle renewal. The large image that digital outdoor media can quickly cover the scene atmosphere and its image function of creating place, and the intelligent facilities that can link both ends of consumption and supply in real time and the industrial function that can link, should be considered in the ecology of sustainable construction and development of eco-city and smart city, as well as in the global perspective.

The specific technical path is: the platform links various resources, the integration of software and hardware to enlarge the efficiency, accurately judge the scene atmosphere, real-time push consumption stickiness. In the face of trade war and economic downward pressure, Shanghai outdoor advertising can do something? This year and next will be the key to radiating the Yangtze river delta to the whole world. Shanghai is becoming a top city in the world. Let's compare the scene of New York and London and put forward some superficial ideas or predictions for discussion.

5G and AI technologies are used to improve the arrival rate and conversion rate of digital outdoor media information

With the arrival of 5G, encrypted information transmission will become more secure and reliable, with shorter end-to-end delays. Due to the fragmented development of the approval system, Shanghai outdoor advertising industry should take advantage of the opportunity of 5G to work together with the intelligent software industry to develop advanced and suitable image input recognition software as soon as possible, and integrate and form a powerful network and grid broadcast control platform system, so as to improve efficiency and value. Our outdoor advertising industry organization strongly advocates and expects to promote the full open management and universal network access of urban outdoor media facilities through the establishment of social group standards. It is necessary for outdoor media enterprises to reach a consensus on the networking of traditional media and the establishment of network broadcast control platform of digital media, and sign technical and economic agreements.

The new technologies of 5G and AI enable the post-industrial iteration of industrialization: diverse forms, diversified skin, and different consumption and aesthetic preferences. But the kernel should still be phased standardization, market segments still need to adapt to the "personalized scale" economic boundaries. In this way, the road map of intelligent upgrading of outdoor media will be clear: 1. Real-time positioning; 2. 2. Wisdom link; 3. Information driven (scene atmosphere and consumption behavior). So where are the benefits?

Digital outdoor media will become an efficient infrastructure and an essential part of smart cities

Digital and networked intelligent outdoor media is a kind of sensing terminal in smart urban public space and an upstream and downstream interface connecting big data system in the city. As a large public space one-to-many image display terminal, in the age of 5 g city digital billboards broadcast control system is expected to pass with artificial intelligent image recognition of audit software, get rid of the cumbersome lengthy approval process, by linking public cloud (or real-time access to private clouds open ports), timely broadcast to broadcast information in time, greatly improving the efficiency of transmission. This makes digital outdoor brand not only for business or public information from the media provides the public space of the large display terminal, also by the public security, urban disaster prevention, road control, open government notices the class information, such as the suspect wanted to the involvement of the priority channel, for the public emergency information released at the time free big screen the whole domain.

At the same time, the intelligent upgrading of media audit will greatly facilitate the procedural purchase of digital outdoor media and the self-broadcasting through key authorization to customers, which can greatly reduce the vacancy rate of media. Shanghai needs to find a new way in formulating practical advanced standards and integrating software and hardware. Through intelligent platform, it can give full play to the technology integration ability and solve the disadvantages of diversified and dispersed media owners. Firstly, it can achieve the advantages of simultaneous communication in the same city or the enveloping effect of instant response scene. This has positive significance for the development of outdoor advertising industry and even the export of media products.

Outdoor media will start by integrating smart cameras and sensors to achieve rapid response

The Internet makes outdoor advertising, which is originally a visual sharing medium, more intelligent. How to make the content release of outdoor media achieve one-click operation is the goal that all new media architects pursue relentlessly. To flow to the use of outdoor screen broadcast time effectively, can also be in the cloud advertising library (or pool) in the storage of huge amount of video or image content after examination and approval in advance, affiliated by the installation of the digital billboards smart cameras and sensors, sensitive real-time audience and scene, and quickly trigger broadcast right matching brand content, enhance the content of the scene viscosity correlation and consumption. In the production of content, can be customized according to the layout in advance, also can use the way of material layering, apply template, instantly automatically generate matching images or images.

The current bottleneck is that smart cameras are not capable of identifying scenes and generating feedback (to stimulate content) at a rate below 60 milliseconds. An interim alternative is to use voice to trigger matching updates of media content in real time. And more questions about how traditional paper billboards can act as some sort of smart link through "real-time targeting" of consumer phones are urging the industry to come up with more practical iterative techniques.

While AR is still a developing technology, augmented reality can already be used as part of an effective outdoor advertising strategy. Some studies say that augmented reality, used in marketing, increases engagement by as much as 30 percent.

In the future, outdoor advertising will be looking for partners among handset makers. 5G phones, which come pre-loaded with software that links and identifies billboards, could be the first to get a piece of the outdoor media smart iteration. If a traditional billboard is equipped with both a smart camera and a voice-sensing system, its content triggering mechanism and performance can be almost as good as that of smart digital media, except for the eye-by-eye effect, but only with different screen sizes. This also opens up new channels for the promotion of other works of art.

A city that wants to improve the public art quality could loosen the ties of giant pin-up graphic art works with no structure and allow brand sponsorship, with a sponsor's LOGO appearing in a corner. The outdoor public art image sponsored by enterprises should be regarded as an extension of the brand proposition, as well as an extension of public welfare undertakings and public aesthetic education. Even better, use AR technology to encourage further marketing of mobile photographers.

Smart outdoor media should be linked with the brand production and marketing system, so that people can buy

5G and AI will not only improve the public governance model of smart cities, but also generate the sublimation of the connotation of smart cities, bring about the innovation of social, commercial, industrial and even consumer lifestyle, and form a benign interaction in cities. Smart outdoor media should take advantage of their high visibility in the geographical fence, actively participate in and derive the market application and lifestyle application of smart business and smart community, and promote new retail, new culture and entertainment and other sharing economic models.

Let a person see an advertisement to want to buy, is the pursuit of advertising creative workers from beginning to end. Let a person see an advertisement to be able to buy, it is the thing that advertisement scene + mobile payment can realize. In the urban Internet of things built by 5G and AI technology in the near future, the distribution of visual contact points of outdoor media is likely to determine the scene experience effect of customers and the consumer traffic of brands. Traditional outdoor advertising is an extension of store recruitment, and intelligent outdoor can directly become an extension of retail goods. In order to convert the remote audience into consumers in time, it is necessary to add the function of linkable mobile encrypted payment on the media devices of transit points, waiting points, meeting points, residential points and even sales points. Scan the code, swipe the face, and then let the intelligent supply chain solve. This kind of convenience for consumers to feel and come at any time to satisfy the impulse is completely consistent with the pace of "fast times" mass culture and consumption upgrading. This will also force media forms and content to be upgraded according to different consumption levels for precise target ideas.

Use the classification of digital consumption scenes to upgrade outdoor media planning and layout

The visual language of big image is not only a specialty of outdoor advertising, but also a world language that cannot be avoided or translated in communication. Landmark scenes are visual representations of urban economy, technology and culture, and often become free world tourist destinations. Outdoor advertising large image for landmark scenes of visual domination is self-evident.