5G Commercial Opening, How To Embrace 5G LED Display?

- Nov 13, 2019-

At the opening ceremony of the 2019 China international ict exhibition, vice minister of industry and information technology Chen zhaoxiong, chairman of China telecom, China mobile, China unicom and China iron tower jointly launched 5G commercial application.

5G commercial application has started. Many industries have taken advantage of a wave of east wind of 5G to integrate with 5G, so how far is the road of 5G commercial application of LED display in our LED display industry?

The arrival of 5G era has brought great development opportunities to many industries. So does 5G also represent a huge opportunity for LED displays?

On July 24, 2019, at the "2919 international conference on LED display screens of accumulator technology" held by accumulator technology, Chen qikai, general manager of accumulator technology, said 5G is not relevant for many current LED display screens, at least for now.

In some ways, the arrival of 5G is not only irrelevant to LED displays, but will also make the LED display industry face greater challenges.

5 g era development will form a pattern of interconnection of all things, all things connected pattern formation of many resources can realize real-time sharing, LED display as traditional display terminal carrier will because everything connected pattern formation have been replaced in many places, such as the LED display screen display information is needed in the ETC may only need a mobile phone can realize information sharing. The 5G era of the Internet of everything will cut LED display in some areas of the incremental market.

As a new technology, 5G will break the limit of quantity and width in data transmission. The data transmission that cannot be realized in the past LED display screen will be easily realized in front of 5G, which puts forward higher requirements on the picture quality of LED display screen and the screen resolution requirements will be higher and higher. In the future, LED display in 5G will not only realize fast data transmission, but also realize clear display of picture quality. LED display 5G+8K will be a trend of future development. The resolution required for full 4K display is 3840×2160, and the resolution required for 8K display is 7680×4320. How to present the real picture we see on the LED display screen is the challenge we will face.

Challenges and opportunities coexist. If the LED display industry cannot turn challenges into opportunities, then the arrival of 5G era will be meaningless for the LED display industry.

Faced with the advantages of 5G low delay, LED display industry's exploration in 5G is currently mainly reflected in the clarity of picture quality. In the future, more and more hd picture quality needs to be presented through the display terminal of LED display. Video processor manufacturer shicheng also gave 5G+8K solution.

The opportunity of LED display industry in 5G is not limited to hd picture quality, but more is the future of LED display in 5G. Currently, 4G signals are more connected by WIFI, and 5G must achieve a higher coverage if it is to realize interconnection. Li-fi technology, based on LED optical communication, USES LED, infrared or near-ultraviolet light as transmission medium. Compared with wi-fi technology, li-fi can transmit faster and avoid electromagnetic interference. Under the tide of 5G, if the advantages of LED optical communication can be brought into play, the road of 5G application of LED display may be much easier. Of course, the advantages and characteristics of LED display screen need to be dug out constantly to grasp the development opportunities of 5G.

Secondly, the arrival of 5G era means that the LED display industry will face a new business environment. 5G and LED display integration will promote LED display burst into new life. In the 70th anniversary party of National Day, LED display and algorithm were integrated to let us see that even an ordinary LED display could transmit an impressive display on the stage through the actions of actors.

With the arrival of 5G era, what kind of ways will LED display industry promote 5G application? This is a whole new topic in our industry. 5G and LED display integration to continue to expand the application boundary of LED display. The advent of the Internet of everything will make LED displays the medium of information.

LED display industry through 5G information access, many LED display screen need to replace with hd display screen to be able to display, LED display market will continue to replace or install more hd display of LED display, the arrival of 5G will promote LED display industry to usher in comprehensive optimization and upgrading.

With the advent of 5G, LED display related enterprises have been actively exploring and putting forward various feasible schemes.

LED chip manufacturer SAN 'an has carried on the research and development of 5G chip, and has realized the supply. Video processor manufacturer shicheng also gave 5G+8K solution. Packaging manufacturer dongshan precision strengthened 5G industrial layout raised a huge amount of money to Multek5G high-speed, high frequency and high density printed circuit board technology transformation.

LED display enterprise as a whole should carefully study the application of LED display industry chain end and middle enterprises put forward on the industrial chain of solution, a combination of factors LED display industry is put forward in the field of 5 g the feasibility of the solution, not only the eye of the concept of limitation and the 5 g hype, only in this way can LED display business in 5 g win the greater development opportunities.