Analysis Of The Problems And Development Prospects Of China's PCB Industry In 2020

- Jul 29, 2020-

In recent years, the manufacturing industry led by the electronic information industry has shifted to the Asia-Pacific region. The global PCB manufacturing center has grown rapidly in the Asia-Pacific region. China's PCB output value has increased significantly, and China's PCB industry status has continued to strengthen. Data show that my country's PCB output value reached 32.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. China Commercial Industry Research Institute predicts that my country's PCB output value will reach 34 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

PCB industry development dilemma

1. There is a gap between the technological level and the world's leading companies

From the perspective of industrial scale, China has become a large PCB manufacturing country, but from the perspective of product technology, the sales of traditional single-layer/double-layer boards and multi-layer boards are still relatively high. High-tech, high-value-added HDI Although the sales proportion of products such as boards, flexible boards, and IC substrates continues to increase, the scale is still small, and product manufacturing technology and processes still need to be further improved compared with developed countries.

2. Rising labor and environmental costs have led to rising operating costs

With the rapid development of my country's economy and the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, my country's labor costs are also showing a rapid upward trend. my country’s environmental protection policies are becoming more and more stringent, and the country’s environmental protection requirements for industrial companies are constantly increasing. PCB companies need to invest more manpower, material and financial resources in environmental protection, which leads to increased operating costs for companies.

Development prospects of PCB industry

1. National industrial policy support

The electronic information industry is a strategic, basic and leading pillar industry for China’s key development. It is the technical support and material foundation for accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading and the construction of national economic and social informatization. It is an important cornerstone for national defense construction and national information security. . In recent years, relevant state departments have formulated a series of policies and regulations to encourage and promote the development of the PCB industry, providing a stable system guarantee for the development of PCB companies.

2. The upgrading of the electronic information industry and the rise of independent brands drive the high-quality development of the industry

At present, the scale of my country's electronic information manufacturing industry ranks first in the world, and an industrial system with a complete range of categories, a complete industrial chain, a solid foundation, optimized structure, and continuous improvement in innovation capabilities has been initially established. With the continuous growth of the overall scale of the electronic information manufacturing industry and the rise of independent brand products in the downstream electronics industry, the import substitution demand for high-value-added products such as high-layer boards, HDI boards, and flexible boards will increase, and domestic PCB companies will have more The domestic PCB industry will further develop with high quality.

3. Downstream electronic information products are changing with each passing day, constantly bringing new opportunities

5G communications, automotive electronics, and consumer electronics will become the main areas driving the steady growth of the PCB industry. The emergence of emerging products in these segments will bring new opportunities for the development of the PCB industry. At the same time, electronic information product manufacturers continue to develop new materials, new technologies, and research and develop new products in order to meet the needs of their downstream products for multi-function, miniaturization, and portability, and continue to bring huge demand for PCB products.

4. The irreplaceability of PCB in the electronic information industry chain is the solid foundation of the PCB industry

PCB is an indispensable basic component of electronic information products. It is widely used in the downstream electronic information manufacturing industry. It is used as a skeleton of supporting components and a pipeline to connect electricity. At present, there is no mature technology and product that can provide the same or similar functions. , This is the foundation for the steady development of the PCB industry.