Are You Aware Of These New Technologies And Products In The LED Industry?

- Sep 09, 2019-

With the continuous decline of LED display cost and the gradual mature development of small space display and other solutions, LED display market is ushered in a stage of rapid growth, industrial transformation and upgrading speed up, screen enterprises pay more attention to the deep cultivation of technology and products, especially the emergence and maturity of Mini LED/Micro LED, is giving birth to a broad market space.

Recently, new breakthroughs have been made in various fields of industrial technologies, and new technologies, new products and new applications have emerged. What are the highlights? Below and small series together to watch:

Industry to small dot spacing P0. 49 mm

Mini/Micro LED display module

Ruifeng optoelectronics announced earlier the new generation of muon LED display technology K2 series * progress, this product is an all-muon LED chip packaging, module pixel spacing is 0. 49mm, another innovation breakthrough on muled display module technology to realize the current global * small dot spacing density. Moreover, the display module is independent luminescence and color mixing of RGB LED chips, with features of wide color gamut, high color purity and true color reduction.

"Crimpable" and "transparent"

AM Mini LED display

Published recently, the group of the first world earlier flexible (Rollable) AM Mini LED display, high brightness, good gray-scale performance, and high color saturation, high dynamic quality, because with the advantages of simple and easy to receive and install, not only can replace traditional projection display, and the advantage of flexible, can be applied to all kinds of surface display at the same time, the synchronization and brand client interface application of flexible displays, unlimited business opportunities.

In addition, good department store Windows, home appliances, vending machines, display cabinets, Windows and other transparent display application drive consumer business opportunities, group innovation and brand customers cooperate to develop ultra-bright, high color saturation, high penetration of AM Mini LED transparent display. Compared with OLED transparent display, AM Mini LED transparent display in brightness and environmental reliability are significantly more than OLED, AM Mini LED will be used in semi-outdoor or outdoor transparent display, gain advantages.

High - scale silicon - based gallium nitride

Micro LED display technology

Recently, Dr. Wei Sin Tan, director of Plessey epitaxial wafers business, said that Plessey has achieved a significant milestone in the development of single-chip Micro LED display technology.

For years, Plessey has been promoting single-pixel LED Micro displays as the future of outdoor visual augmented reality display glasses. The addressing Micro LED array is a 1,920 * 1,080 (full hd) monochrome current driven pixel array spaced 8 microns apart. Each display requires more than two million separate electronic bonds to connect the Micro LED pixels to the control back.

New 3D LED packaging technology

Released earlier, the star light electric lights LED to a new technology, new 3 d encapsulation of LED, is the star light division in * "advanced technology achievements in the field of LED lights, stereo columnar integrated three-dimensional structure is used in the thermal coupling design three-dimensional 6 surface light, there is evaporation area, adiabatic, condensing heat dissipation structure of three districts, the perfect solved the traditional plane, low density, LED light source chip packages adjacent chip absorption, will be able to achieve greater than 180 ° Angle of the light and other technical difficulties and pain points.

Guo-star's new three-dimensional packaging LED has prominent advantages such as large luminous Angle, high integration, high brightness, high reliability and excellent heat dissipation performance. Its brightness is 45% higher than that of plane packaging light source, and its integration is 10. 7 times, lumen density is 18 times of the plane packaging light source, its outstanding advantages have been through a brand headlamp assembly system test and verification, leading the new trend of high reliability of lights.

LED embedded bandage

Chronic wounds can be cured by blue light

Scientists have demonstrated the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of blue light, embedding it in elastic bandages to heal wounds, according to the report. MEDILIGHT, a European research project to develop smart and wearable medical devices, has demonstrated prototypes of LED embedded lighting solutions for treating chronic wounds.

In addition to its antibacterial effects, the MEDILIGHT program shows that blue light's anti-proliferation effects have been clearly demonstrated, demonstrating that blue light prevents excessive differential alienation during the premature healing phase. The team further demonstrated that blue light can effectively activate key skin cells through another appropriate light dose, thus speeding up the wound healing process. The research team believes that the prototype of the led-based intelligent wearable system will further pave the way for the commercialization of potential future devices based on light therapy to monitor wound healing.

As industry insiders say, "the future is the era of 5G, and the era of 5G is the world of screens. Screens as interactive ports of things will continue to increase, which will open up new growth space for LED displays... "-- provided, of course, that real hard technology and products are ready.