Commercial Display: Make Intelligent Life Everywhere

- Aug 06, 2019-

I do not know when, in addition to the natural landscape, scenic spots and historical sites, modern city buildings, shopping malls, and even street shops have become the "clock" holy land for young people. Young people are attracted to travel thousands of miles to take photos, not only because of the unique shape of high-rise buildings, web celebrity shops, but also because of the unique experience these places bring. With the development of Internet of things technology, more and more intelligent terminals equipped with commercial display appear in cities, and brand new interactive ways allow people to experience a different intelligent life.

Commercial display settled in landmark buildings

A modern metropolis is full of landmark buildings like skyscrapers. Imagine a building hundreds of metres high, with offices, conferences, businesses, sightseeing and other supporting services all in one. How to find the place to go from more than 100 floors? How to quickly find the unexpected events, equipment failures and security risks that may occur in any part of the building? Modern high-tech buildings have their secrets.

Recently, China zun, the highest landmark in Beijing, was built as an amazing skyscraper. It is 528 meters high, 108 floors above the ground and 7 floors below the ground, and can accommodate 12,000 people. In this building with complex layout and large flow of people, the barrier between floors is broken through by adopting the intelligent display system, so that information can be transmitted rapidly in a space of several hundred meters up and down. BOE (BOE) is the one who provides the intelligent business display solution for China zun. China and the east of Beijing 98 inch 4 k intelligent display terminal and ultra narrow bezel splicing screen carrying ADSDS hard technology, make the display more exquisite, at the same time the characteristics of anti wear, anti scratch also ensures that the screen under the condition of special environment, and super long working time, can maintain more secure and stable operation, in the field of security, monitoring, and other special display has the characteristics of the irreplaceable.

Nowadays, more and more high-tech buildings are inseparable from commercial display. The passenger service information display equipment provided by boe can be seen everywhere in the newly completed daxing airport, which not only provides various flight information for passengers coming and going all over the world, but also enables the staff to efficiently provide transportation services and complete production scheduling. In Beijing city deputy center office building, xiongan civic service center, also fully used boe commercial display solutions. Boe only 0.99mm super narrow frame LCD screen and 74 screens form heart-shaped Mosaic screen, which vividly and clearly displays all kinds of government information and adds a modern digital new landmark for xiongan.

Whether it is the China zun tower with a height of more than 500 meters, the daxing airport with an area of about 1.5 million square meters, or the smart new city xiongan, boe is applying commercial display solutions to more fields, bringing safe, convenient and efficient life to us.

Business show embraces intelligent life

In cities, streets and alleys, commercial display not only provides all kinds of information for people, but also becomes an interactive port of the Internet of things. More and more commercial display provides more convenient services for people at roadside bus stops, street bank outlets, and retailers at the gate of communities.

When we take subway, bus and other public transportation, the commercial display screen can display the time of arrival and departure of the vehicle and the route map of the station in real time, so that the waiting passengers can accurately grasp the route information. The subway handle also innovatively adopts electronic screen as the information display window. Now, boe's display screen has been used in more than 80% of China's high-speed rail lines, 22 urban subway lines, and for Russia, Italy and other overseas cities subway lines to provide display products and services.

Commercial displays in the financial sector are also giving bank branches a new look. You can browse and purchase financial products on the financial supermarket service terminal, appreciate the 3D models of precious metal exhibits on the transparent touch screen of the heavy metal product display cabinet, obtain financial information on the multimedia broadcast wall of the bank, and browse various financial products and conduct various financial services on separate screens. At present, boe smart display solutions have been adopted in more than 330 banking outlets such as industrial and commercial bank of China, China construction bank, pudong development bank, China merchants bank, bank of Beijing and huishang bank.

Shopping in the supermarket beside us, also found that the common paper price tag has been replaced by electronic tags, the electronic label can not only 1 second delay automatically, can also with AI digital signage linkage of the door, by artificial intelligence and big data analysis of user needs, accurate to push consumers want to buy goods. All kinds of unmanned vending machines are also equipped with transparent display screens. Consumers can simply click on the screen to purchase a juice and see the whole process of making juice through the transparent screen. Globally, boe's smart retail solutions are available in more than 17,000 stores in more than 60 countries, and over half of the world's e-tag products come from boe.

In addition to transportation stations, bank branches and shopping malls and supermarkets, boe is applying more innovative commercial display solutions to more scenarios, changing people's lives with innovative products and services everywhere.

5G brings more opportunities for business display

In the smart city, commercial display has become a landscape among the city buildings. Especially with the advance arrival of 5G commercial, as well as the rapid development of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data, "video information and ultra-high-definition video" has become the general trend of the development of the global information industry, and the display screen is becoming an important port for people to understand, manage and enjoy city life.

In 2018, according to DISCIEN mechanism analysis of education electronic whiteboard, splicing screen, advertising and other commercial display terminal sales reached 41.9 billion yuan, China in 2022, or large market will grow up to be a level of billions, bring more market opportunities.

The era of 5G is an era of high-speed information development, which opens a door for the construction of smart cities. With the acceleration of 5G, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment, distance education, intelligent security and other life styles will be closer and closer to our life. Jd is deeply integrating display with big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to bring people Internet of things solutions in more segments.

Ubiquitous commercial displays adorn the city's prosperity, allowing more people to experience the wisdom and convenience brought by the Internet of things, and decorating people's colorful lives.