Development And Trend Of Intelligent Ultra Hd Video Monitoring-1

- Nov 28, 2019-

Video surveillance is the core field of security industry, and image definition is a key feature. The clearer the image, the more detail, the better the viewing experience, and the higher the accuracy of applications such as intelligent analytics. Especially with the development of artificial intelligence, video image quality requirements are higher and higher. In the security industry, artificial intelligence can play the advantages of the image resources, its clarity determines whether artificial intelligence can play the key to the advantages of the industry. In recent years, with the continuous development and change of technology and market demand, video images have gradually changed from standard definition to hd and even ultra hd. This paper will give a brief introduction to the application and development of ultra hd video.


I. development status and challenges of hd video surveillance

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, video surveillance technology continues to achieve breakthroughs and innovations, video surveillance industry from the era of analog standard to the era of network hd.

Since 2008, the network high-definition video monitoring technology and equipment have been gradually promoted and applied in the project, and it has been developed for more than ten years. However, from the perspective of the current market, it is still in the initial stage of the development of hd video surveillance, and it has stayed in this stage for quite a long time. The 2-megapixel video surveillance equipment still occupies the majority of the market share in the video surveillance industry. To investigate the root cause, the video image with 2 million pixels is the optimal solution in the field of video surveillance, both in terms of cost performance and in terms of technology maturity. It can fully meet the daily video surveillance needs of most projects and scenes. As a result, the 2-megapixel video image will continue to dominate the video surveillance market without new market demand and application drivers.

So how do you break this impasse? How to lead the hd video surveillance application market forward? Has become in the last two years the industry needs to face together, discusses the topic.

Although some enterprises publicized and launched their own ultra-hd 4K products as early as around 2014, they were constrained by poor transmission signal, small storage space, backward image processing technology, high project cost and other factors, so they could not open the market for a long time, and only a few sporadic applications of high-end projects. 4K ultra hd applications have been unable to break through, the promotion of 4 million pixels and 5 million pixels has become difficult, hd application market is difficult to develop.

Ii. The development of AI and 5G has ushered in the dawn of ultra hd video surveillance market

In the past two years, due to the progress of science and technology, national policy to promote, AI and 5 g technology introduction and promotion, wisdom city, understand engineering national major projects, such as sharing, video monitoring equipment network security more and more enterprises obtain video resources, also let high-definition video surveillance market finally ushered in the broken of the dawn. So how to make full use of these video resources, quickly extract valuable information is particularly important.

In the traditional information extraction method, when extracting structured data from video and analyzing the application, a large amount of data is often unusable due to the lack of image clarity, which is increasingly unable to meet the needs of users. In this environment, the demand for video structure becomes more and more intense, intelligent applications also emerge as The Times require, from algorithm, chip and technical architecture and other aspects of comprehensive force, security intelligence has become the most obvious trend in recent two years.

As a new generation of mobile communication technology, 5G communication technology has been developed with the characteristics of ultra-high speed, high reliability and low delay from the very beginning. Compared with the fourth-generation mobile communication technology, the difference of 5G communication technology lies in that it is not only set for mobile communication, but also an application technology oriented to the Internet of things. As we know, intelligent security is the most important application scenario of Internet of things. In the security industry, video surveillance system data transmission accounts for the largest share of the entire security market share.

Is called "the first year of 5 g, 2019 in the three operators will open in September this year 5 g commercial, 5 to 2020 g will be formally entering the commercial, 5 g network for 4 k and 8 k high-definition video with good bearing capacity, the 4 k, 8 k high-definition video transmission will no longer be the bottleneck, high-definition video surveillance will be as 5 g commercial and popular. Artificial intelligence algorithms such as face recognition, behavior recognition, license plate recognition and target classification will also be popularized due to the popularity of ultra-hd video surveillance.

Current associated with leaps in technology and the advent of the era of 5 g, hd and high-definition video is no longer the bottleneck of data transmission, the combination of edge of cloud storage and storage makes massive video data storage is no longer difficult, users cannot be achieved in 4 g technology of demand will be achieved, with the arrival of the 5 g, so to speak, 5 g will promote AI intelligent security upgrade quickly.

A new combination of "5G+AI+ security" has a profound impact on the development of the video surveillance industry and is a booster for the video surveillance industry to move towards ultra hd.

Iii. The development of ultra-hd video monitoring will promote the landing of a large number of intelligent applications

The impact of ultra hd video on the security industry, from the technical level, can be said to be from "see clearly" to "see more clearly" forward. Ultra hd video can present more detailed features in the picture, and restore the monitoring scene more clearly and accurately. At the same time, it can also realize accurate recognition of vehicle license plates and pedestrians' faces in the scene, and realize intelligent analysis applications such as detection of pedestrian behavior. For video surveillance, image clarity is one of the most critical features. The clearer the image, the more obvious the details will be, which will not only improve the user's viewing experience, but also make more accurate analysis of the features and behaviors in the scene.

Uhd video monitoring can provide users with high-quality video data, which can not only restore the monitoring scene more intuitively, but also provide better video resources for AI technology in large scene application. Users can dig deeper into these high-quality video content to analyze more valuable information. Therefore, ultra hd video is bound to push a lot of intelligent applications to the ground.

Ultra-hd video monitoring is widely applied in many fields, such as monitoring and maintenance of power lines. Through ultra-hd video, problems such as observing the operation of power transmission lines and power equipment can be greatly reduced in maintenance time and cost. It can also be applied to unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), enabling users to monitor and track targets clearly at a distance at high altitude through the uhd devices installed on uavs. In addition, uhd video monitoring can also be applied to live video broadcast, such as live broadcast of sports venues, events and attractions.

High-definition video surveillance will is against the industry one of the main development direction of the future, but it would be meaning, video surveillance is a systematic project, it besides the front-end video data acquisition, and after the video storage, transmission, decoding and intelligent analysis, high-definition video surveillance in at the same time, provide users with high quality images for coding, bandwidth and storage backend equipment has a higher request, then brought such as project cost increases, new and used equipment and upgrading, and so on a series of problems. At present, the existence of these problems still hinders the promotion of uhd video monitoring application. Our security enterprises should make preparations as soon as possible to boost the development of uhd video and make uhd video monitoring universal as soon as possible.