Development And Trend Of Intelligent Ultra Hd Video Monitoring-2

- Nov 28, 2019-

Iv. Application cases of ultra hd products

In May 2019, in the news of CCTV news, hebei satellite TV and other TV media, a 4-camera 8K ultra-hd panoramic camera appeared, with a very small and delicate appearance, which attracted wide attention of the society. In may, the average temperature in the north reached 34° c, which made people miserable. People's reliance on air conditioners indoors led to the overload of the power grid, and the safety of power stations became particularly important. The tianjin electric power system has introduced the thermal imaging head and the 8K ultra-hd panoramic camera, which is installed on the intelligent robot patrol vehicle to monitor electrical equipment such as circuits and power boxes all day long, thus ensuring the safety of the power grid system and ensuring people's electricity demand.

Cause for concern in this period of video 8 k ultra-high resolution panoramic camera, from shenzhen city Yang technology co., LTD., it USES four eyes single IP design, to realize the seamless splicing, four lens 720 degree provides an asteroid, crystal ball, 360 ° panoramic perspective, automatic cruise, and so on five different preview mode, has been widely used in intelligent building site, robot repair and uavs, scenic spots, such as large-scale activities of 5 g live; In addition, the 4K hd camera of jingyang science and technology mainly has two forms of panoramic 180-degree fish-eye and infrared cylinder, which can be fully applicable to the daily monitoring requirements of the scenes of chain stores, commercial squares, streets and roads. In recent years, it has successively launched a series of products from ordinary hd to 4K and 8K ultra hd.


Policy promotion, AI+5G enabling, "clearer and more intelligent" security industry unswervingly target, 4K, 8K ultra hd AI intelligent video monitoring, will be the future hd video monitoring industry preferred solution, "5G+AI+ security" has become the future development trend of intelligent ultra hd video application. Jingyang science and technology has been deeply engaged in the video monitoring industry for more than 20 years, taking the lead in independent research and development in China, with profound precipitation and accumulation in both market and technology, and is now the leading provider of intelligent video products and solutions in China. Since its inception, jingyang science and technology has been committed to the research and development and promotion of high definition and ultra high definition technology products.