Disassembly Trend Of Outdoor LED Large Screen Market?

- May 08, 2019-

In recent years, with the development of technology, outdoor led display displays a rapid development trend by virtue of its advantages such as high brightness, strong visual impact, wide range of vision and outstanding color reduction ability, especially with the help of interactive technology. The unique communication value created by outdoor led screen makes other traditional outdoor media unmatched. At present, it has become the name card of many cities in the new era, and ACTS as the carrier to show the commercial vitality of the city and speak the modern spirit of the city.

However, with the increase of led screens in cities, "light pollution", "city appearance" and other problems brought by led screens are also affecting residents' life all the time. Last year, under the influence of a notice jointly issued by multiple authorities in Beijing on a special campaign to clean up the building's skyline, many LED outdoor displays were targeted for cleaning up. And at present, normative "skyline" punish begin to undertake in each district again.

After more than 10 days of demolition, the largest illegal LED electronic advertising screen in jinan city was removed in accordance with the law. As we have learned, this big screen is located in the business circle of quancheng road, face square of quancheng, it is quancheng road to the north, enchase the roof of a mansion, the area has 560 square metre fully.

Recently, the city management committee of lichuan issued the notice on the demolition of the regulation of outdoor advertising in urban areas, which will carry out a one-month special rectification action on outdoor advertising in urban areas. At the same time, the planning and design will be carried out in accordance with the principle of "one street, one scene" to ensure that businesses can restore the door head plaque in time after renovation and demolition.

Led display is one of the main methods of publicity, to attract business, but some of the violations set led display to a certain extent, also affect the city districts, there are some led display for use fixed number of year old have rusty, there are a lot of potential safety problems, in order to avoid damage to pedestrians and vehicles, taicang urban management law enforcement recently carried out special clamp down on illegal led display.

With the deepening of environmental protection work around the country, there have been a number of cities to join the remediation of outdoor advertising ranks. LED outdoor large screen as one of the key targets of the regulation, aside from those disrepair of the danger of falling off the LED display, LED display products are the most complained of light pollution products.

It should be known that some manufacturers in the industry pursue high brightness screen. The brightness of outdoor led screen exceeds 8000,10000 or 12000CD per square meter, and even some laymen judge the quality of the screen by the brightness of the large screen. In fact, the brightness of led display screen cannot exceed 60% of the ambient brightness, otherwise it will be very dazzling to people's eyes and have a strong twinkle. If it goes on like this, it will affect people's vision and even cause a variety of injuries.

Therefore, how to enjoy the colorful world brought by science and technology while avoiding light pollution? In recent years, many policies and regulations have been issued for light pollution, which restrict the brightness, installation place, Angle, playing time and volume of led display screen. In addition, many screen companies in the industry have recently specifically addressed this problem by implementing technologies that can significantly reduce "light pollution", such as "multi-level gray level correction technology", etc., which can effectively alleviate the "light pollution" problem of led large screens.

At the same time, the so-called "everything has two sides", round after round of outdoor advertising regulation although the traditional outdoor led big screen "very hurt", but also reverse stimulate the outdoor transparent screen, grille screen market growth, this can be seen from the recent performance of the industry transparent screen market. Admittedly, the outdoor large-screen market may be affected by the policy rectification in the future, but it does not mean that the outdoor led display market will never recover from now on. Driven by transparent screen, creative display, led canopy and other products and innovations, the outdoor led display market is still very predictable.