Discuss The Future Development Trend Of LED Display Screen

- May 10, 2019-

According to relevant institutions, the market size of commercial display reached 40 billion yuan in 2016. With the rapid maturity of LED products with small spacing, the share of LED display products began to rise gradually. With the wide application of LED special-shaped screen and LED stage screen in the field of commercial display, it is enough to prove that the future market of commercial display is broad and huge. Today we will discuss the future trend of LED display development.

First, the trend toward energy conservation

Energy conservation and environmental protection has always been the new proposition of future life; Led display itself is very energy-saving, its characteristics are: high light efficiency, long life, easy to control, maintenance-free; It is a new generation of solid cold light source, light color soft, gorgeous, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, is a green environmental protection products. But make it led display, power consumption is not small. Led big screen is a big screen, need a lot of point composition. Reducing led display power consumption and achieving real energy saving must be the most important development trend of led display.

Second, the trend toward frivolous development

At present, almost every company in the industry are flaowing their own box features frivolous, indeed frivolous box is an inevitable trend to replace the iron box, the weight of the iron box itself in the past is not low, plus the weight of the steel structure, the whole is very heavy. In this way, many buildings can hardly bear such heavy attachments, the bearing balance of the building, the pressure of the foundation and so on are not easy to accept, and it is not easy to disassemble and transport, the cost is greatly increased, so the box is thin and light is a trend that all manufacturers have to update.

Third, the trend toward patent protection

LED industry competition is fierce, almost every enterprise in the market, grab customers, expand the scale, but few enterprises really focus on product research and development, in fact, in order to maintain technical competitiveness, reduce the risk of technology spillover, patent is the best way to protect. With the industry slowly mature, norms, through the way of patent application to protect their intellectual property rights, intangible assets, is the inevitable development trend of the led screen industry.

Four, to the rapid and accurate splicing trend

This is mainly for LED rental display screen. The rental is characterized by frequent disassembly to meet temporary needs, so the display box must be able to quickly and accurately between the joint. Hanchuang LED rental screen is ultra-light and ultra-thin. Light and thin design is the biggest demand of LED rental screen. Because of the particularity of its application place, LED display needs to be disassembled and transported frequently. The thinner and lighter LED rental screen is more convenient for transportation and can save more costs. Therefore, rapid and accurate installation is certainly the development trend of led display.

The trend toward standardization

Led displays are springing up all over the place, but only a few are recognized by the industry. After the establishment of many small enterprises, due to the small scale, small capital, research and development ability can not keep up, so they will try to take a shortcut, sloppy design, or even copy the design of a big company, the result of the whole market is full of defective products, let a lot of customers headache, this behavior is for customers and irresponsible. Therefore,led large screen product standardization is also an inevitable trend.

Sixth, the trend toward smaller spacing

Small spacing has always been one of the hot products. At present, the small indoor spacing has exceeded a few tenths, and the small outdoor spacing has also broken below P2. With the development of technology, the spacing will become smaller and smaller.