Does The Front Service LED Display Consume A Lot Of Power?

- Jan 25, 2019-

The Front Service LED Display says a lot, and now sneak a peek at the Front Service LED Display. Does the Front Service LED Display consume a lot of power? How much is the specific transparent Front Service LED Display?

Front Service LED Display has become one of the most eye-catching display products in recent years with its transparent and beautiful appearance. The transparency of 50%-90% greatly reduces the impact on line of sight and the appearance of the building, and it is playing. Advertising, when designing the advertisement content screen, remove the unnecessary background color and replace it with black, only need to display the expressed content, and the appropriate part does not emit light during playback, which is a transparent effect. This playing method is extremely large. Reducing light pollution, and also reducing energy consumption, can achieve more than 30% energy savings than the average Front Service LED Display.

The power consumption is related to the Front Service LED Display area, usage time, and average power consumption, and is affected by both the highlight and low lighting configurations. The following is an example of the power consumption of Witham iClear 7.8 (model P7.8, cabinet size 1000mm*1000mm, 1 square).

1, low-light configuration iClear-F-7.8 power consumption and electricity bill details

Low-light configuration P7.8Front Service LED Display, using positive illumination technology, brightness about 2500cd/m2, generally used in pure indoor environment, such as exhibition halls, exhibition halls and other scenes.

The average power consumption is about 240W/m2, and the 1m2 screen uses 10 hours of power consumption:

240 × 10 × 1 = 2400W = 2.4KW, that is 2.4 degrees

According to the industrial electricity consumption of 0.8 yuan / kWh, you need 1.92 yuan electricity bill. Assume that the total screen area is 20m2, playing 25 days a month, and the total monthly electricity bill is 1.92×20×25=960 yuan.

2, highlight configuration iClear-S-7.8 power consumption and electricity bill details

High-definition configuration P7.8Front Service LED Display, using side-lighting technology, brightness about 5500cd/m2, generally installed indoors, used in commercial building glass curtain wall, brand chain store glass window and other scenes, because it is for outdoor display, so the brightness request.