Eight Development Trends Of LED Display Industry In The Future

- May 16, 2019-

The screen become large

The rise and development of full-color LED displays provide the basis and appeal for the screen supersize. At present, some specific markets, such as large advertising business circle and large amusement places, are vigorously building large-area led screens in order to attract the attention of more advertising owners and audiences.

High definition and high density

High - definition and high - density is the development trend of full - color screen display. In order to get a better viewing effect, people's requirements on the screen picture from simple full-color to realistic, restore the authenticity of color, and at the same time, to achieve the same comfortable and clear image display as TV on a smaller screen. Therefore, the high definition display represented by the high density and small spacing led display will be the future development trend.

Energy conservation

Energy conservation is the direction of every industry in our country. LED full color screen involves the use of electricity and operating costs, so energy saving is related to the interests of LED full color screen operators, but also related to the use of national energy. From the current situation, energy-saving display screen will not increase the cost of conventional display too much, and in the later use will also save costs, respected by the market. As an energy-saving led display screen, it must be a comprehensive result under a variety of indicators. High-brightness led lights, driving IC, switching power supply, product power consumption design, intelligent energy saving system design and structural energy saving design are related to the energy saving effect. Therefore, the realization of the energy saving goal requires the joint efforts of the whole industry.


Just like energy-saving, intelligence is also the product of LED full-color screen development to a certain stage. The intelligence of LED full-color screen is reflected in the cooperation between the display screen and intelligent operation, such as the emergence of a new advertising mode of interactive games with pedestrians on subway advertisement screen at the end of last year.


In order to meet the needs of modern society, LED full color screen on one side of the internal quality of products, on the other side of the product appearance, volume, weight and other external forms of efforts. The light-weight full-color screen is not only conducive to the installation and maintenance of the product, but also reduces the load on the supported building objects, which is more secure and increases the aesthetics.

Point by point calibration normalization

With the increasing number of indoor and outdoor LED full-color screen projects, display screens of different quality begin to appear in people's field of vision. In contrast, the display screens without point-by-point correction obviously cannot meet the needs of the owners and the attention of the audience. As point-by-point calibration matures and prices continue to fall, this useful technology makes LED full-color displays even more impressive. In the future, point - by - point calibration will be the norm for full - color screens.

Outdoor SMD trend

In the future, the color screen will gradually replace the in-line products, and truly realize the development trend of outdoor indoor screen. At the same time, the full-color screen of household appearance stickers is also combined with high-density products. P5 and the full-color screen of high-density household appearance stickers are now applied in mature applications.

Decoration, landscape and display screen integration

When all buildings in the city are making bold and innovative use of maipu LED full-color display screen, how to perfectly combine the display screen with the building has become the requirement of customers. In many cases, a building itself is a kind of ingenious design, if you want to install led screens in the building periphery or surface, you need to pay attention to clever design screen style. In the future, led display screen will be matched with modern decoration, landscape, lighting and other construction, forming a better creative display of the city.