Exhibition Field Is Becoming Another Incremental Market Of LED Display

- Nov 10, 2019-

Exhibition industry is the general name of conference and exhibition industry, festival activities. As an emerging service industry, exhibition industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century in China. Currently, exhibition industry in China, together with tourism and real estate, is called three new economic industries. In recent years, China's exhibition industry has developed rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of up to 20%. According to relevant statistics, the direct income of various exhibitions held in China exceeds 10 billion yuan, which indirectly drives the income of other industries up to hundreds of billions of yuan. By 2018, the number of exhibition halls in China's exhibition industry has reached 164, with a total indoor rental area of about 9.83 million square meters, which shows the popularity of exhibitions.

The development of exhibition industry, can not only bring direct income (such as ChangZuFei, scaffolding, logistics transportation cost, etc.), and still can pull or indirect drive dozens of industries, such as commercial shopping, catering, accommodation, entertainment, transportation, communication, advertising, tourism, printing, real estate, etc.), can gain not only, also can promote the development of the industry, to a city or region economic development and social progress have a significant impact and catalytic role. In China, the driving effect of exhibition industry on relevant industries is 1:9, which has a significant multiplier effect.

As the most effective means of mass communication and the most influential marketing link, the exhibition brings real-time publicity and on-site interaction that traditional media and network media can not match. According to the survey, 77.6 percent of visitors wanted more information from the booth. As an integrated way of visual image communication, the communication and transmission of exhibitions often depend on the construction of visual effects. With the intensification of exhibition competition, the competition among exhibitors is becoming increasingly fierce. For transmission carrier, therefore, how to attract the audience attention, and precisely the product concept, characteristics, culture, concept and a series of attributes and convey to the audience, there is no doubt that will be a huge challenge, and how to choose medium, as a carrier for transmission and choose what for exhibitors, is also a big challenge.


All exhibitors, therefore, in order to obtain the biggest attraction and propaganda effect, usually the situation on vehicle, the most common is the use of models and talent show, attract the crowds and conduct propaganda, but both model and talent show, it can play a propaganda effect is almost negligible, then with the mature of the sound and light technology, some exhibitors started using LCD display of publicity, but subject to the size of the LCD display, LCD display and the fit is not high, so as the advertising LED display began to participate in the booth arrangement, gradually replaced the LCD display, This problem has been well solved.

The LED floor tile screen can cooperate with the exhibits and people flow, and conduct interactive drainage through the changes of the screen, while the LED led screen can conduct real-time publicity in detail. And LED screen itself can be arbitrarily splicing features, and make it in different sizes and shapes of the booth has a strong adaptability, so it can cooperate exhibits, some can't show on the window sill propaganda element (such as the production process, the enterprise culture, data display, 3 d demonstration, etc.) clearly displayed in front of the exhibition customer, increase the exhibition of gelling and customer purchase desire. Therefore, more and more exhibitors choose to use advertising LED display to promote the exhibition, almost to the extent of "no exhibition without advertising LED display", which is not surprising. While talking about the application of advertising LED display in the exhibition, without a doubt, the most representative is each big auto show now, almost each big exhibition manufacturers at the cost of building is composed of high resolution LED display booth, cooperate, circular arc, spherical and various special-shaped LED screen, greatly increased the immersive, and cooperate with the emerging of AR/VR technology, bring the customer closer to real virtual experience.

(by the way, compared to the exhibition organizers, LED screen in the meetings industry, the advantages are more obvious than subject to the size of the LCD display and subject to the brightness projector, without being limited by the size and brightness of advertising LED display has already been replaced, as an important part of meeting system, went into the various conference and exhibition center and the hotel's conference center. Due to the large LED screen industry, the application of the meeting is now as an object of LED display enterprise develop so do not discuss in this paper."


However it is important to note that although the domestic exhibition industry is developing rapidly, the scale has reached the international leading, but the vertical view, the exhibition at the frequency is not high for the majority of exhibitors, and most of the convention and exhibition venue, so considering the use frequency and logistics costs, buy self-used LED display screen price is not high, the exhibition in the exhibition exhibition venue rental LED display from cost optimization is the optimal choice. Therefore, in addition to auto shows, more and more exhibition exhibitors of other industries begin to choose LED display for exhibition. The increasing demand of the exhibition, in turn, puts forward higher requirements on the quality and safety factors such as the splicing quality and anti-collision quality of LED display screens. However, due to the lack of attention paid by some leasing companies to the exhibition market in the early stage, the display screens of these leasing companies have been used for a long time, with a long life span, aging screen body and other phenomena, and even failure to light up in the exhibition site frequently. To some extent, this has dampened the confidence of exhibitors in using LED display screens for publicity. Just as the mature of LED display screen technology, as well as the exhibition exhibition booming trend is increasingly obvious, believe that the advertising LED display enterprise will pay more attention to convention and exhibition development in the field of this market segment, by the exhibition in the exhibition for exhibitors provide propaganda at the same time, also for their own and LED display screen manufacturing enterprises obtain a show its strength and image of the window, form a win-win situation.

In fact, as early as 2015, China's exhibition industry has ushered in a turning point of accelerating its transformation and development. In April, the State Council issued several opinions on further promoting the reform and development of the exhibition industry, which was the first time to plan for the reform and development of the exhibition industry at the national level. For now, despite the number of China's convention and exhibition continues to improve, but there are still more than half of the venue rent house rate is less than 10%, so predictable, in a long time, conference and exhibition there is still a large number of ascension space, and in the short term there is no saturation phenomenon caused by inadequate venues, so the LED display screen rental companies can still more boldly explore the exhibition industry in the future of this market segment.