Factors Affecting Front Service LED Display

- Jan 25, 2019-

In today's society, Front Service LED Display has become a part of people's lives. Front Service LED Display industry continues to grow and develop, but while the industry is developing at a high speed, its safety and fire protection application technology has once again been put on the agenda. The number of Front Service LED Display fires in China has sounded the alarm for the entire LED industry. .

Front Service LED Display's fire performance is mainly related to the Front Service LED Display fireproof raw materials and cabinet process. Then, today's powerful giant focus is on analyzing the four factors that affect the Front Service LED Display fireproof raw materials:

First, the plastic kit factor

The plastic kit is an important part of the Front Service LED Display fireproofing material. Because it is mainly used for the bottom plate of the unit panel module mask, it uses a flame retardant PC+glass fiber material. It not only has flame retardant function, but also can be deformed, brittle and cracked under high and low temperature and long-term use. At the same time, it uses a good sealing glue, which can effectively block the rainwater from the external environment from infiltrating into the interior, thus avoiding the fire caused by the short circuit.

Second, the wire factor

The larger the unit area display of the Front Service LED Display, the greater the amount of power used, and the higher the power-on stability requirements of the wire. Among the many wire products, only the wire that meets the national standard can be used to ensure its safety and stability. These requirements must be met when selecting: First, the core must be a copper wire conductive carrier. Second, the wire core cross-sectional area tolerance is within the standard range value. Finally, the insulation and flame retardancy of the wrapped core rubber should meet the standard.