Famous LED Transparent Screen, Why The Market Growth Is Not As Expected?

- Nov 25, 2019-

Last year's pyeongchang winter Olympics saw an eight-minute "ice screen" stunning the world. But whether it is the ice screen, or the scene screen, they actually have a common place - transparent. In our view, the ice screen for transparent screen, light screen can be classified as grid led screen, here we mainly discuss the transparent led screen.


From the perspective of luminescence, LED transparent screen mainly includes positive luminescence and side luminescence. At present, some manufacturers in the industry have developed COB transparent screen and LED transparent glass display screen that is compatible with building materials. Transparent LED screen has a very high permeability, general light transmittance over 60%, in addition to take up the space is small, light weight, only simple steel structure, convenient maintenance, saving cost, energy conservation, environmental protection, simple operation and a series of advantages, is widely used in glass curtain wall of building, stage design, space, exhibition display, window display, such as the environment, the main application scenarios are stage stage, shopping malls, chain stores, science and technology museum, glass Windows, etc.

Nearly two years, outdoor advertising in the process of modern urban development by rectification, many irregularities of regular outdoor LED display is cleared to dismantle, this is considered to be the chance of transparent LED screen, because of its indoor installation, outdoor watch, the building beautiful is no features, is a good way to avoid the problems existing in the conventional outdoor LED display screen, so it is regarded as the best products instead of the blank market. However, LED transparent screen is not as many people think, ushered in the expected rapid development. For now, at least, that doesn't make much difference to the market share growth of LED transparency.

Why in the "star" effect, occupy the right place at the right time LED transparent screen did not appear explosive growth? In my opinion, there are three main reasons:

First, it is different from conventional LED display products. As a product in a segmented field, no matter how excellent the performance of LED transparent screen is, its market application has certain limitations after all, and its market development will only be in a gradual way rather than an explosive way.

Second, LED transparent screen in the early development process, due to its own technical process is not mature, resulting in the actual project operation more or less there are some problems, restricting the further large-scale application of the transparent screen market.

Third, the camel is always bigger than the horse. The traditional outdoor display screen has always been the main force in the outdoor display market, and it will not withdraw from the stage of history because of the strict urban planning. Under the blessing of small spacing in the outdoor, the outdoor LED display screen is changing into a new youth. With the progress of The Times, especially intelligent development has brought new opportunities to LED display. In addition, LED transparent screen is also facing competition from other display products, such as the rise of "holographic fan screen" in the past two years.

Under the influence of a variety of factors, LED transparent screen is difficult to skyrocket, will only continue to be a segment of the field of products, in special occasions have been applied. But also undeniable, LED transparent screen has a very great potential for development.

At present, LED transparent screen shows a trend of integrating with other technologies. LED transparent screen enterprises are no longer limited to simple product sales, but pay more attention to the implementation of comprehensive solutions, such as the application of LED transparent screen in landscape lighting project. It is certain that in this highly informationalized and digital era, LED transparent screen attracts people's attention with its unique sense of technology, and this combination of third-party technology will help LED transparent screen occupy more and higher-end market applications.

From the current development trend of some professional LED transparent screen enterprises, some focus on the glass window and rental market, which is considered to be the most broad space for the development of LED transparent screen; Some still focus on the outdoors, namely focusing on the research and development of LED transparent glass display and application (such as tianjin energy-saving intelligent glass display glass transparent screen). Integration with building materials is considered as a major development trend of LED display in the future, and the combination of LED transparent screen and glass has natural advantages, which is seen as the main application market of LED transparent screen in the future.

For the future development of LED transparent screen, some people think that it will be like small spacing, will eventually usher in a peak of development. Small spacing in the early stage of development, experienced not optimistic, to the involvement of more and more enterprises, to the current development into the mainstream of the industry. It cannot grow without the support of technological progress and the choice of market.

From the perspective of market increment, the market of LED transparent screen continues to grow, and only lyard has signed an order of over 200 million yuan for transparent screen this year. However, our impression is that the market development is not as good as expected, mainly because our early evaluation on the development of transparent screen is too optimistic. In addition, the entry threshold of LED transparent screen is not very high, and enterprises and applications are relatively scattered, leading to the growth of the market gives people a "silent" feeling.

Last year, the author predicted that with the increasing number of enterprises involved in LED transparent screen, the real explosion of LED transparent screen is estimated to be in the next two or three years. Now it seems that with the birth of more excellent cases, in the enterprise's efforts to cultivate, the market acceptance of LED transparent screen will be further improved. Therefore, the high growth of LED transparent screen may come later, but it will usher in a vigorous spring.