Fixed LED Video Display Manufacturers Want To Get Bigger Market Cakes

- Jan 25, 2019-

Whether it is a short-spacing Fixed LED Video Display product that enters the market in a short period of time and quickly gains a place, it is still an electronic whiteboard that has become the market leader with amazing speed. It is a product that is rapidly emerging due to its technological advantages. It is not difficult to find out that the factors that dominate the market are still in the bottom line. But nowadays, the technology of small-pitch products is still not very mature in the indoors - the brightness is too high, it is not suitable for long-term viewing by the naked eye, even for products that are known as low-light, the actual brightness is higher than that of LCD products. The heat is severe, even if the outdoor Fixed LED Video Display needs heat dissipation equipment, the heat dissipation is a big problem in indoor applications; the noise is louder, the sound produced by the operation of the Fixed LED Video Display is negligible outdoors, but in the The interior is quite awkward; the power consumption is large. Although the manufacturer has been working hard to reduce energy consumption, in addition to the lighting of the lamp, the heat dissipation is also the same. Compared with the traditional display products, the energy consumption is higher... Obstacles to the factors, the main application areas of small-pitch products are still large-screen splicing, large-scale conference activities, advertising, etc., and applications in education, corporate conference rooms and other fields are limited.

Under the fierce competition in the indoor commercial market, Fixed LED Video Display manufacturers have also launched seamless LCD splicing products, and laser projection equipment with longer life and clearer image is also in the market. Almost all manufacturers of commercial products are striving to improve technology and complement each other to enhance market recognition of products. Under this circumstance, on the one hand, the competition between alternative products will become more and more fierce, and technology will replace the price as the focus of the manufacturers; on the other hand, under the joint promotion of the industry manufacturers, the commercial market cake will also become Bigger.

Therefore, the small-pitch Fixed LED Video Display manufacturers want to get a bigger market cake, they must first solve the product's shortcomings, especially in the current education field, occupying 39% of the market share, small-pitch products want to truly enter this market. There is still a need to strengthen technological innovation.