Four Reasons To Choose A Side-lit Transparent LED Display

- Jul 01, 2019-

There are two kinds of luminous modes of transparent LED display screen: positive luminous and side luminous. So when we buy LED transparent screen, should we choose the one with positive light or the one with side light? Below small make up from the technical point of view to analyze the side of the transparent LED display screen luminescence contrast luminescence has what advantages.

First, higher permeability

Side luminous transparent LED display screen is generally higher than positive luminous permeability. The transparent LED display screen with side luminescence has a permeability of more than 80%, while the positive luminescence permeability is only 70%.

Second, the effect is better

Due to the blocking of the brackets on both sides of the lamp beads, the brightness of the transparent LED display screen decreases from the best position in the middle to both sides. The excessively low brightness makes the audience on both sides of the stage unable to see the image on the screen. The side luminous full-color transparent LED display has no bracket to block it, and the brightness increases from the front of the screen along both sides. The front and the top left and right are the best viewing surfaces, making the overall stage presentation better.

3. A broader perspective

The transparent LED display adopts the standard lamp beads of the conventional LED display, which can guarantee the viewing Angle of 140°; The lamp beads of the transparent LED display are mounted on the upper or lower side of the lamp bar, and the viewing Angle can reach 160°, providing a wider viewing Angle, allowing the audience on both sides of the stage to enjoy the extreme stage visual feast.

Iv. Strong protection and maintenance capability

In the field of stage rental, the transparent LED display is frequently assembled and repeatedly used, so it is inevitable to bump into each other. Therefore, the durability of the product is highly required. In the case of collision and fall of the transparent LED display screen, the lamp bead is directly stressed, which is easy to cause the dead lamp of the screen. At the beginning of the design, the side luminous full-color transparent LED display takes into account such problems. When bumping against each other, the side light bar is directly stressed, and the dead light is broken, so the maintenance is simple and fast.

Above is the small series of transparent LED display two kinds of luminous advantages of comparative analysis, I hope to help you. After reading the above comparative analysis, I believe you must have a spectrum in mind, there is no doubt that the side of the selection of luminous transparent LED display!