Front Service LED Display Digitally Blessing, More Flexible Way Of Transmission

- Jan 25, 2019-

With the large-scale successful laying of digital outdoor networks and the continuous breakthrough of Front Service LED Display technology, as well as the addition of new technologies and new technologies such as live broadcast, multi-screen broadcast, package screen and interactive, it has flexibly satisfied the multi-faceted outdoor large screen. The demand has made up for the shortcomings of the monotonous and simple operation of the conventional outdoor media appeal.

Fourth, touchable small pitch LED, better interactive experience

Not only that, but many of the screen companies' Front Service LED Display products are also beginning to lean toward interactive technology. Recently, the industry's screen enterprises launched a touchable and writable COB small-pitch LED system, which uses infrared scanning multi-point technology to achieve multi-point smooth touch effects. The effective touch area can be customized according to the actual needs of users, and it has been opened in the large-screen field. Human-computer interaction" new experience.

Outdoor advertising has already crossed the era of one-way communication. How to make the audience part of the interaction is the theme of the current Front Service LED Display development research, and also the direction of Front Service LED Display enterprise technology, products and solutions innovation. In terms of content dissemination, future creative ideas and innovative approaches to diversification will become the mainstream development direction of LED.

At present, Front Service LED Display is in the development trend. We should grasp this historical opportunity. We hope that Front Service LED Display can become a symbol of the city's beautiful scenery and urban culture, and even a key node of urban cultural heritage, instead of stumbling block.