Garbage Standardization Swept Through Shanghai, LED Display Industry Standardization Should Also Be On The Agenda

- Jul 09, 2019-

Shanghai residents, who have long been concerned about stocking up, have complained that they have not been able to distinguish dry and wet waste. The implementation of garbage classification in Shanghai is just the beginning, and the following garbage classification will also be implemented in the whole country. There are standards for garbage disposal, and the standardization of LED display screen industry should also be on the agenda. Product standardization can improve production efficiency, reduce cost and ensure product quality. LED display screen industry after more than 20 years of development, the industry is still in chaos, while the industry shuffle, many enterprises can formulate industry standards, promote industry standardized production, promote the healthy development of the industry.

Why is it so hard to standardize LED displays

First of all, LED display industry is not mature yet. Different enterprises cannot reach a consensus on the selection, design, connection mode and other aspects of LED display. Secondly, from the perspective of an engineer, the selection of LED display screen is often based on the recognition of the display screen and the actual demand. The display screen passively forms different technical parameters such as type and model. Third, despite the long development of display screens, companies are still exploring, and the industry lacks the guidance of giants on standardization. In addition, manufacturers lack of copyright awareness, the industry thriving "bring doctrine", product homogenization is serious, unable to unify the weights and measures.

Lack of unified "weights and measures", industry supervision without evidence to rely on

With the birth of small spacing technology, China's LED display technology has surpassed the world level and become a leading LED display producer. We had to catch up with technology, but industry standardization, but far less than Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and Taiwan and other traditional LED display production countries and regions, so the domestic LED display industry technology and product quality is uneven, makes some companies exploit, under the fierce price war, is still at a low price sell inferior products, industry running rules, the small and medium-sized enterprises to the enterprise operating the edge of the cliff.

First of all, the lack of uniform standards, industry product quality exquisite without evidence to rely on. Product spot check work, from sampling to analysis and processing, need product standards as the basis for work. Lack product standard, quality is supervised can depend on without basis, product quality cannot go supervising, cause industry inferior product is rampant.

Second, the lack of industry standards, enterprise rights protection has no "law" to follow. Although product standards cannot be used as the basis for trial, they can be used as the technical specification documents of the industry to judge whether the products are inferior, and enterprises can protect their own rights and interests according to the standards. Product standards are missing, and the rights and interests of enterprises are not even a reference.

Third, the lack of product standards and asymmetric information will damage the interests of end users. There are many types of LED subdivided display screens, which may not be well understood by all the merchants. Therefore, "pass" in the experience report is not clear, which does not mean that the product is really passed. For low-priced and inferior "pass" products, there is extra favor. However, due to the lack of industry standards, inferior products have problems, and end users cannot be held accountable, resulting in damage to their own interests.

Fourth, the lack of product standards, leading to the industry into the price melee stage. The price war in the industry has entered the white-hot stage. Due to the lack of unified standards, some enterprises break the bottom line step by step to sell inferior products at ultra-low prices in order to make huge profits, further muddying the muddy water of the price war and expanding the drawbacks of the price war, which leads to the repeated reduction of product prices and harms the benign development of the industry.

There are rules square into a radius, there are standards can be long-term

LED conventional screen, after years of development, industry technology tends to mature, market demand is stable, as the mainstream LED display products, standardized design, standardized mass production, standardized sales will be the inevitable result.

First, product standardization can ensure quality. Standardize, must withstand market acceptance and technical reasons, so when the product of each technology (high brightness, high gray scanning, point by point correction, etc.), every production process, and each raw materials become the standard configuration, promote enterprises to improve quality, ensure new technology, to ensure product quality, promote the balanced development of the industry.

Second, product standardization can improve production efficiency. When products are standardized, enterprises can realize mass production of mechanized products, and can also accept large quantities of orders at the same time. In the same time, mechanization can produce more products.

Third, product standardization can reduce the cost. Once standardized, the enterprise production line can be upgraded to an assembly line, to achieve production automation, realize a person on the production line to manage several machines, reduce labor costs. Moreover, the production of large quantities needs to buy large quantities of raw materials, large quantities of purchase, the price is more preferential, material costs greatly reduced. With the reduction of double costs, enterprises can invest more funds in research and development, promoting the development of enterprises to a higher level.

There is no unified industry standard, which is one of the reasons why LED display industry has not developed mature until today. At the beginning of standardization, many enterprises will inevitably suffer, but in the long run, it is conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises. At the time of industry reshuffle, well-funded enterprises may wish to acquire small and medium-sized enterprises, absorb the technology and experience of enterprises from both sides, implement standardized production, promote the formulation of industry standards, and promote the development of LED display screen industry to mature.