Glaring LED Display To Create An Artistic City

- May 20, 2019-

Led displays gather the crystallization of modern technology, but with the passage of time has been unable to meet people's ever-changing aesthetic requirements, visual fatigue is inevitable. Ever larger - LED moves screen: is the LED display screen segmentation ChengShaoZe hundreds of many tens of thousands of child, according to the video need creative or plot, driven by motor to realize the concave and convex expansion change dynamic effect, achieve the physical movement and the combination of creative video, with its spectacular effect impact people's attention, make domestic art.

The LED dazzle screen combines video display with concave and convex movement, with its unique external form, showing the charm of the city, beautifying the urban landscape, highlighting the bustling atmosphere of the city!

LED display advantage

➀ can remolding old brand: through transforming the original old screen, make its bloom. Further stimulate the desire of advertisers to invest in advertising. Create new benefits.

➁ can add value: when there is attenuation aging can't continue to use the led display, a display light boxes light source can be used, plus a light box piece, make it into "moves the matrix of light box" to extend the service life of 10 years.

LED display combines video display and concave and convex dynamic, with its unique external form, foil the charm of the city, beautify the cityscape, highlight the bustling atmosphere of the city!

LED sleek display combines the display of the screen with the sleek and dynamic, with its unique external form, which embodies the charm of the city, beautifies the urban style and highlights the bustling atmosphere of the city!

LED display screen display



Application range

➀Used in stage design: CCTV's lifting stage is one of them. It is controlled by several square-column led screens to realize the lifting sequence and lifting range of the stage;

➁Used for venue design: Zhang Yimou’s “Live Word Printing” at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games is also a typical work of the intelligent matrix, which is used to express the theme of designer creativity and conference;

➂Used for large-scale events: Russia's 2014 Sochi Winter Games matrix "big face" shows the face image of athletes through pixels;

➃Used for architectural styling: Ordinary architectural design wins appreciation with tall, strange shapes, but in fact there are few buildings that can be remembered because of the lack of individualized elements, designers use Honghai matrix technology for construction. The shape, let the building move, and through the patterns and methods of moving, can also realize the practical function to realize the theme of the building, which greatly attracts people's attention and can also obtain rich advertising revenue.

➄Used for commercial decoration: used for commercial wall decoration, which can realize the personalization of decoration, which is unforgettable;

➅Used for skylight decoration: LED Skylight in Las Vegas and Skylight in Beijing World Trade Street are memorable with its stunning visual effects, but the world's skylight has a common feature, that is, only video has no mechanical physical motion. According to the designer's creativity, Honghai Intelligent Matrix combines video signal and mechanical lifting movement to match the sound effect to realize the true 5D dynamic effect;

➆Used for outdoor advertising: Ordinary outdoor advertising is generally three-sided and led display, the former technology is backward and there is no decorative effect, the latter effect is single, no dynamic, lack of new ideas, people urgently need a multi-functional visual product.