HD LED Display Opens The Massive Market Door

- Aug 24, 2020-

According to relevant data, the domestic market size of hd LED display will reach 9.8 billion yuan in 2020, becoming an independent market of 10 billion yuan in LED display industry segment. That would mean industry growth of 19.5% by 2020. That's up from 10.8 percent in 2019 -- a 19.5 percent increase for the whole year is definitely "high growth" in the context of the epidemic, given that the first quarter was almost "white". As a relatively new large-screen display technology, samll pixel pitch led screen have not had a long history of application. After breaking the bottleneck of the traditional growth model in 2019, the hd led display industry continues to explore new incremental points to maintain the industry's sustained growth momentum, taking over nearly half of the display industry.

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Previously, industry analysts pointed out that "high degree of market professionalism, scale will be limited." This is the logical consensus of the industry to explain the five years from 2015 to 2019 from the explosion of samll pixel pitch leds to the deceleration of growth. To break the development bottleneck of this industry, small-spacing LED screen needs to "broaden the track horizontally". In 2019 and before, the growth of the samll pixel pitch led screen market will be dominated by P1.0 level and above products, and the market application goal is to replace the large engineering screens above 200 inches indoors. The market category overlaps with the application of DLP splicing large screen, the application of radio and television and stage large screen, and the application of single plane projection of engineering projectors. These markets are essentially "niche" areas of specialised engineering. But after 2019, we can clearly feel that the small space LED display is gradually penetrating into more segments of the market.

We can see a gradual acceleration of the transition from display devices to small spacing leds in some market segments. In broadcast studios, where background walls are used as visual effects, samll pixel pitch led screen can be installed more quickly, offer more creative options, have better visual effects, and are becoming more cost competitive. Other segments are still catching up, such as enterprise environments. LCD has been the technology of choice in conference rooms for many years. Now, both LCD and LED technologies are widely used in the front desk or conference room of enterprises, and more and more companies now prefer to adopt small-space LED display, which has become a trend. In the commercial market, the seamless stitching of small-spacing leds brings huge advantages. Different from LCD and DLP, small-spacing leds can achieve a full-screen seamless effect that is almost imperceptible to the naked eye due to the tight stitching between modules. In addition, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for the domestic command and control center system has ushered in a new climax. The large screen system of the command and control center has finally ushered in a new leader in the market increment once again, and the small spacing LED display can be said to be a big winner in this market segment.

Market data also confirm this trend. According to relevant data, with the increase of LED display application in rental market, HDR market application, retail department store and conference room market demand, the global LED display market size will reach 9.349 billion USD in 2022, and the market growth rate will reach 28% from the scale of 2 billion USD to the capacity of nearly 10 billion USD in indoor small-space market in 2018. In the overall market environment is not optimistic, can maintain such an amazing growth rate is also the display of the "highlight" role.

Ultra-small space opens the door to more massive markets

"Entering the home market, this is the most significant opportunity for Micro LED's new track, small space LED displays." Industry figures point out that the global market size of color TV sets is as high as more than 200 million units. Even if it is only the domestic 100 inch color TV market, hundreds of thousands of units are sold every year. The domestic 100 inch color TV market is a large space that exceeds the overall size of the traditional small-spacing LED market. In fact, for the future development trend of small space LED display, the industry has almost already formed a consensus, small space constantly squeeze and occupy the LIQUID crystal and DLP market, driving the whole display market is reshuffling. As the spacing decreases, it opens up a new range of applications for new products, from home and business meetings to high-end display controls and even cinemas. LED technology is starting to overwhelm other traditional display technologies in every vertical industry. In the future, as tiny leds mature, LED display technology is likely to appear in more products, such as smartwatches and smartphones. Ultra-small spacing LED displays have opened the door to a "massive market".

The market is full of imagination, but the competition for samll pixel pitch led screen is fierce and more fragmented than other traditional displays. China accounts for 52% of the global LED small-space market. Therefore, despite the vast market prospect, the competition is still quite fierce. To seek for diversified technology development, the exploration of application in many fields has become a pressing matter of the moment for small space manufacturers. In terms of technology, Mini LED, Micro LED and COB are all trying to make breakthroughs in the technical direction. In terms of application, they are also penetrations at various application levels of studio, command and control center, enterprise business and cinema entertainment.

Bigger or smaller size, specification, higher resolution and more on the pursuit of these goals, LED display manufacturers and small spacing in manufacturer bombarded with propaganda and guidance, the end user is weighed in a variety of different technologies, form now, small spacing market bustling, schools of thought contend, a thriving scene.


To sum up, in 2020 LED the domestic market but billions of small spacing is profound, the future of Micro - LED by billions of market scale and enough, a wave of greater growth LED display industry is, the capacity and efficiency of each year renovation, reduce the cost will be the future development of LED display regular rhythm, small spacing more industrial strength, more capital and more application scenario for the cooperation, will further accelerate iteration industry technology.