HD LED Wall Market Will Accelerate Development

- Jun 17, 2020-

For the LED video display market, the miniaturization of pixel pitch has always been the original driving force of technological development. This rule not only promoted the rapid development of LED display technology in the field of indoor led display and achieved great development after the advent of HD LED wall, even in the current It is also playing an important role and is expected to accelerate the development and application of ultra small pitch product categories.

According to Omdia statistics, despite the impact of the new crown epidemic, in the first quarter of this year, the shipment of hd led wall with a pixel pitch of less than or equal to 0.99mm was still very strong year-on-year. In contrast, the growth of other pitch types has slowed down or even declined. For example, the 1-1.99mm category increased by 50.8% year-on-year, lower than 135.9% in the same period last year; the 2-2.99mm category increased by 83.3% year-on-year, lower than 283.6% last year; while the mainstream 3-4.99mm products increased only 19.2 in the first quarter %, the growth rate has declined; the 5-9.99mm and 10-14.99mm categories have dropped 7.8% and 6.6% year-on-year, respectively.

In the first quarter, under the influence of the Chinese New Year holiday caused by COVID-19 and factory shutdowns and other factors, the demand for products with different pixel pitches showed a marked differentiation. This fully shows that the entire LED display screen demand market is accelerating towards more The development of small pixel pitch direction, this phenomenon is no exception in the field of outdoor led video display.

The reason for the surge in sales of products with a pitch below P1.0 is that the industry believes that it has a close relationship with several head companies to continue to increase the research and development and promotion of this category of products, especially in the product field represented by mini LEDs. In fact, in recent years, my country's hd led wall companies have continued to increase technology research and development in the areas below P1.0, including traditional SMD and its improved solutions, all-in-one packaging, mass transfer, and other technical routes continue to emerge. This also fully shows that both the market demand side and the manufacturing enterprise side have identified the development prospects of ultra-small pitch products.

It is worth noting that the prospect of hd led wall is also attracting the attention of many traditional LCD display giants, including Samsung. And just a few days ago, some reports pointed out that Samsung wants to close its LCD panel production line one after another, and plans to shift related resources to the LED video display field, which also proves the attractive market prospect of hd led wall from the side.