Holographic Advertising Machine Rise To Usher In The Outbreak

- Jul 04, 2019-

With the rise of modern new retail, how to take consumers as the core and push content beyond expectations for consumers has become a difficult problem for the development of traditional outdoor media. In addition, how to capture the attention of the audience, carry out effective information transmission and create a high conversion rate, has been a headache for the whole outdoor advertising industry. In the highly competitive traditional LED screen advertising market, the rising holographic advertising machine quickly occupies a place in the outdoor advertising market by virtue of its innovative perspective and precise positioning, and at the same time, it has opened a distance from traditional outdoor advertising carriers.

In recent years, the revenue of the outdoor advertising market has presented a ladder of growth. According to the data, the NAR of global outdoor advertising is expected to grow 4.6% in 2018 to reach $34 billion, and the global outdoor advertising market is expected to reach $50.7 billion in 2020. Although the traditional LED screen is the main display in the market, it has been a little weak in recent years. However, with the rise of modern new retail, how to capture the attention of the audience, carry out effective information transmission and create a high conversion rate has become a headache for the whole outdoor advertising industry. Since 2018, guangzhou koyes has applied holographic technology to display carriers and achieved remarkable results. Through holographic advertising machine, redefine advertising display, accurately seize consumer demand and business interests, quickly into the advertising carrier market, the momentum of development is more and more strong.

Holographic advertising machine display

Compared with static and traditional large screen advertising, holographic advertising machine not only has the advantages of naked eye 3D effect, as well as a variety of broadcast forms. Through holographic display, more brand content can be accurately expressed, and in contact with consumers, consumers can be more intuitive and effective to catch the eye, to achieve the transformation.

Meanwhile, coyce is able to make its holographic advertising machine have higher display effect and function than the industry average through the headstream holographic technology. As a manufacturer with 23 years of factory management experience in the industry *, koyes adheres to the r&d and production integration mode, and has applied a number of top six technologies in the industry in the research and development of holographic advertising machine. In the most fundamental holographic imaging, not only the use of imported core chip, but also on this basis for structural innovation, to achieve a highly realistic holographic reduction imaging, at the same time, also solved the imaging jitter flicker problem.

In offline advertising, in order to make holographic advertising display more vivid, coyce pioneered independent audio synchronization technology to achieve independent audio synchronization. Even in offline places, it can achieve independent voice and enjoy independent display. In addition, merchants can use coyce cloud platform and online APP software to control the whole process and conduct data analysis and processing on a global scale. Through visual presentation, auditory enjoyment and convenient control, consumers are presented with vivid and realistic 3D pictures in the offline advertising market, which not only makes the advertising more vivid, but also extends the value of advertising to consumers.

To seize the LED screen market manufacturers become synonymous with product quality

2019 is not only a new opportunity for offline advertising industry, but also a breakout point for holographic advertising machine industry, which plays an important role in the construction of smart city, or outdoor advertising market. With the increasing market share of holographic advertising machines in the advertising industry, there are more and more enterprises and investors into this field. However, it is worth noting that although the holographic advertising machine market potential, but with the increasingly fierce competition in the advertising display market, holographic advertising machine product quality is different. In this market, holographic advertising machine manufacturers have become the guarantee of product quality, one is the integration of research and development mode, conducive to the integration of holographic product technology. The second is that manufacturers can provide the most top flow of holographic products and perfect service chain service, by the market's recognition hot.

Nowadays, holographic advertising machine products have gradually appeared in every corner of the city, with obvious advantages in the competition with traditional LED screen. And represented by families, Mr Holographic advertising machine, have a lighter, more energy efficient, more intelligent, more beautiful, more advantage of holographic carrier market development, has become the carrier of advertising has more advantage in the market, gradually replace the traditional LED screen, as investors profit, consumer experience, business needs a new generation of display advertising carrier.