Hospital Fixed LED Video Display Requirements And Solutions

- Jan 25, 2019-

Fixed LED Video Display is a high-tech display device with a wide range of applications in recent years. It features high definition, stable quality, long life and flexible display functions. It is suitable for the promotion of text, graphics and multimedia programs. In the field of multimedia display, it even occupies an irreplaceable place.

Bit. Thanks to the latest semiconductor materials and high-tech technology, the performance of LEDs has been greatly improved, especially in terms of color, brightness and reliability, which has unmatched advantages of other display light sources, providing development for display technology and products. A good foundation.

One. Fixed LED Video Display Demand Analysis

1. Performance stability needs analysis

Fixed LED Video Display is a facility that serves hospitals and displays various media and various information. Therefore, the text and image information required to be displayed are refreshed quickly, the color matching is soft, and the display is stable. If there is "strobe" or "water ripple" Such phenomena will greatly enhance the viewer's viewing quality and mood, so the fixed LED Video Display is stable.

Qualitative is crucial.

Fixed LED Video Display is mainly used to display video signals and information release. Any failure will cause viewers' mood fluctuations and cause adverse consequences. Therefore, Fixed LED Video Display should work stably, reliably and reliably during operation. This requires the Fixed LED Video Display to be designed, produced, installed, and commissioned.

The quality is in the first place, with an effective quality system to ensure the entire process, taking into account the impact of external factors such as the environment, temperature, electromagnetic interference on the Fixed LED Video Display and the system, to ensure that the operation of the Fixed LED Video Display system reaches a high standard. To suit its application.

two. Display content analysis

1. Hospital brand promotion

The Fixed LED Video Display can play various forms of promotional video clips, notices, slogans, and latest promotions in the hospital, greatly enhancing the hospital's brand promotion.

2. Live broadcast

The full-color Fixed LED Video Display can broadcast large-scale sports competitions, live TV broadcasts and cultural events, background image display, press releases, notifications, and slogans.