How Led Screen Companies Determine The Winner In Fierce Competition ?

- Nov 04, 2019-

The LED display market in 2019 is experiencing a decline and fall. Influenced by the overall economic environment, the market situation of LED display industry is also relatively severe. Meanwhile, the competition within the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Can foresee, in the next few years, industry resources integration, passive or active enterprise merger, acquisition and reorganization, increasingly high degree of brand concentration will be in the future will bring the significant adjustment of industry structure, the LED display application will also be the trend of The Times, to have technology advantage, competitive advantage will be further business channel advantage, scale advantage.

LED screen industry concentration is constantly improving

At present, the LED screen industry is faced with many problems: first, the dividend of the state and the government is reduced, and the import and export tariff difference may be faced, which will change many LED screen manufacturers' purchasing plans and relocation decisions. The wait-and-see atmosphere in the industry and the uncertainty of the market will restrain the market demand. Secondly, although the process of MiniLED/MicroLED has become a new market growth point in full swing, the traditional display market continues to decline, the development is frustrated, structural overcapacity, market saturation and other problems are increasingly prominent. In this "law of the jungle" situation, we increasingly feel the LED screen enterprise brand concentration degree is increasing. With the fierce competition in the LED screen industry, the integration of the upstream and downstream industry chain of the whole industry is accelerated, and the market concentration degree is also gradually improved. While the industry as a whole keeps growing, mergers and acquisitions in the industry are accelerated, which has evolved into large-scale competition among large enterprises.

LED display screen industry is undergoing different degrees of transformation and integration of the global industrial chain, LED display screen industry mergers and acquisitions continue to be staged, mergers and acquisitions can enable enterprises to obtain the dominant position of technology and resources, can enhance the scale of production, reduce production costs; Also can strengthen the market development, and LED display screen leading enterprise technology is strong, strong capital reserves invested enormous on technology research and development, production equipment, strengthening the capacity of enterprises, integrating many outstanding supplier resources, and create more high-quality industrial chain, the process, the inevitable part of the market share of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) will be eroded away, accelerate the LED display screen industry reshuffle integration, but this does not mean that is small and medium-sized enterprises of life and death, but reversed transmission with the LED display screen more attention to the enterprise production optimization, effective resources integration.

From the technical innovation, the channel, constructs the ecosystem to seek the breach

Under the background of new policies, new situations, new opportunities and new challenges, it will become the main direction of many enterprises to actively find high-profit market segments and "blue ocean" market. Transparent screen, screen of lease, commercial display, such as niche brand has been focused, some strong screen companies continue to stand out, they are relying on powerful technical advantages, even under the condition of the market fall, still maintained a stable market share, these companies have been focused on a particular niche market, its representatives and leaders in the industry niche, rely on centralized power, tapping one point form the breakthrough of focus strategy, and in some businesses also committed to the deep channel marketing and channels around the market continuously broaden the scope of services.

In addition, it is increasingly important to build an ecosystem of our own enterprises. In this process, the biggest challenge is how to balance and maintain the relations and interests of suppliers, partners, customers and other aspects of the industrial chain, and how to obtain superior resources from the outside for integration. To achieve this, we need to build an open platform for cooperation and a multi-win ecosystem. Screen enterprise profit realize development is no longer used to fight alone, but the information is same, efficient coordination, the means of development, thus by competitive costs, completely-new technology, stable quality, fast, thoughtful service, makes the comprehensive competitive power, ultimately create more value for customers, win the broader market.

Competition in the market, the industry reshuffle is inevitable stage in the development of industry, Advertising led screen industry is no exception, the industry of the integration of upstream and downstream industry chain to speed up, market concentration is also gradually increase, thus constantly improve the degree of brand concentration, m&a tide, are the industry constantly to the benign development of the important performance, therefore, the advertising LED display enterprise go on market segment, innovative product technology to enhance product value, should also expand into industry chain upstream and downstream, realize the whole industry chain layout, and increase the intensity of resource integration, improve service levels, improve product technology content.