How Much Do You Know About LED Products On Highways?

- Jul 09, 2019-

The drivers who often drive on the expressway, without fail to focus on the observation of two focal points: one is the road ahead, the second is traffic information. Among them, traffic indication information equipment includes information information board, traffic induction screen, information screen, variable speed information and so on. But, as a veteran driver, do you really know about these LED display devices? How much do you know?

In this information age, performance and applicability are the basic requirements of domestic highway display products, and reliability and safety are important indicators. This article will take you to understand the existing domestic highway main LED display products function and characteristics.

(1) information board: portal type information board, F type information board, T type information board, and light of information board inside the tunnel, etc.

Variable information information board is widely used in surface roads and tunnels of highways. In extreme weather such as fog, sufficient brightness, penetrability and reliability should be guaranteed to ensure that such displays are clearly visible to vehicle drivers on the road. There are a large number of information intelligence boards in China, among which more than 20,000 sets are independently developed, produced and manufactured by Shanghai sansi, and the number of information boards technically originated from Shanghai sansi is even larger.

(2) induction screen: full lattice induction screen, optical band induction screen.

In the expressway, the main function of the induction screen is to guide the driver to travel intelligently and safely. From the practical point of view, outdoor induction screen selection of strong protective performance, support data self-storage, high energy efficiency design of the thoughtful LED induction screen, is conducive to stable operation in outdoor all-weather.

Think twice LED induction screen applied on shanghai-hangzhou expressway

(3) small information screen: comprehensive information screen, ETC screen.

On expressways, variable information screens are set up at ETC toll booths to display text and graphic information, which can also provide timely guidance to drivers on relevant road conditions.

Used in the jingshi expressway on the ETC screen

(4) indicator mark

Lane indicator, photoelectric induction sign, etc. Among them, lane indicator is often found in the highway lane access, which can timely show the highway access state, which is conducive to maintaining the traffic order.

(5)LED variable speed limit sign

LED variable speed limit signs are now widely used on highways. In addition to warning the driving speed of vehicle drivers, this kind of display products also play an important role in preventing secondary accidents.