How To Solve The Problem That The Fixed LED Video Display Pixel Is Out Of Control?

- Jan 25, 2019-

The pixel out of Control of the Fixed LED Video Display means that the smallest imaging unit (pixel) of the display is not working properly. The ratio of the number of uncontrolled pixels to the total number of pixels in the full screen is called the “full screen pixel runaway rate”. There are two kinds of pixel out-of-control modes. One is the blind spot, that is, the blind spot. When it needs to be bright, it does not light, it is called the defect; the second is the constant bright spot. When it needs to be off, it is always lit. It is always bright.

Generally, the common Fixed LED Video Display pixel consists of 2R1G1B (2 red lights, 1 green light and 1 blue light, the same reason below) and 1R1G1B, and the runaway is generally not the red and green in the same pixel. The blue light is out of control at the same time, but as long as one of the lights is out of control, we think that this pixel is out of control. Therefore, it can be concluded that the main cause of the loss of control of the Fixed LED Video Display pixel is that the LED light is out of control. The main cause of LED lamp failure can be divided into two aspects: one is the poor quality of the LED itself; the other is the improper use of the method.

The loss of control of the LED light is undetectable in the routine inspection test of the LED. In the harsh conditions of high temperature, low temperature, rapid temperature change, etc., due to the difference in thermal expansion coefficients of LED chips, epoxy resin, brackets, inner leads, solid crystal glue, PPA cups, etc., the internal stress is different. Electrostatic discharge causes the mechanism of LED runaway to be very complicated. Equipment, tools, utensils and human body may have static electricity and discharge it. This static electricity is as low as several hundred volts, high is tens of thousands of volts, and discharge time is in the nanosecond level. . If the blue-green tube is out of control, it is often the LED-PN junction that is broken down by electrostatic discharge. Fixed LED Video Display Due to the complicated production process, electrostatic discharge is extremely difficult to prevent. Therefore, electrostatic protection must be carried out throughout the production process.

In different situations, the actual requirements for pixel runaway rate are different. The Fixed LED Video Display indicator requires control within one percent; the monochrome Fixed LED Video Display indicator requires control within one tenth. At present, there is no good solution for the Fixed LED Video Display pixel. It is recommended to contact the service provider for repair. If the maintenance cost is too high, you can consider replacing the defective module unit board.