In 2020, LED Display Companies Must Run Faster Than Change

- May 18, 2020-

All LED display screenners must not underestimate the impact and impact of the epidemic on the industry. On the surface, this epidemic directly hindered the shipment of LED display screen within a certain period, inhibiting the detonation of consumer demand, especially overseas trade; in fact, the most worrying manufacturers are the entire industry's commercial methods, marketing models, retail channels, and How can changes in consumer demand keep up with and catch up with changes? Screen companies can start from these three aspects.


Product Innovation: Only Hardcore Power Can Win "Spring"

From the new products such as Micro LED and Mini LED TVs with a new visual experience displayed by global manufacturers at the CES 2020 in the United States Alaska International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020), to the domestic screen companies led by Liad will accelerate Micro / Mini LED layout, the outbreak of the global epidemic, does not affect the major screen companies to start this Micro / Mini LED "card battle". And this also indirectly proves that even if the market is temporarily "frozen" due to the epidemic, technological innovation will not stay on the spot. The more critical moments, who can preempt the technological high ground and who will lead the future market .

As the technological innovation of the LED display industry gradually enters the "no man's land", more and more screen companies have begun to put innovative eyes on the innovation of products and applications. Taking energy saving as an example, although the industry has repeatedly shown green and environmental protection development trends over the years, the feedback in the terminal market has always been "thunder and heavy rain", and it was not until the "common negative screen" became popular that the market felt The advantages of LED display energy saving. In addition, there are smart LED display screens. In recent years, the gradual optimization of the control system has made the operation of end users of LED display more and more "fool", which also indicates a trend and trend in the LED display market in 2020 and in the future. Trends, diversified demand will spawn more personalized categories.

Marketing model: New category marketing methods drive new consumption

At present, the short video marketing model of LED display products has quietly penetrated into the industry. During the epidemic, various cities lit up landmark LED display to cheer medical workers! Cheer for Wuhan! Cheer for China! The short video of the screen ... Screen companies have begun to try new marketing methods such as "online product launch", "dealer conference", "technical sharing meeting" live broadcast, etc., trying to bring new influences to the brand and reputation. And this will be transformed into the future unit and quantity in a subtle way.

At the same time, the epidemic made us realize that the Internet era requires two online and offline "legs" to walk stably and fast enough! In the process of building and optimizing online channels, not only a single product can be recognized by customers, but more importantly, the logistics transportation and after-sales service of screen companies are guaranteed, the strength of scenario solutions and the credibility of the brand are reliable, etc. . In addition, we also need to think about how to quickly realize the integration of online and offline sales channels, accelerate after-sales optimization, and promote the improvement of brand strength.

Smart manufacturing: the only way for LED display screen companies to lay out the future

In the era of intelligence, the higher the production efficiency brought about by the enterprise's informatization, automation, and digitization, the less the negative impact on production. In fact, in recent years, China's LED display industry has continuously promoted the transformation and upgrading of smart manufacturing. Although the process is slow, the effect is remarkable. In this special period, so far, the industry has not seen obvious "labor shortage."

During the epidemic, in order to reduce costs and ensure cash flow, many manufacturers may take a series of measures such as layoffs, promotional destocking and so on. At the same time, the "labor shortage" at the beginning of the year will aggravate the rise in labor costs, which may lead to a new round of adjustments and other phenomena, which will force LED display companies to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of factory smart manufacturing. As analyzed by professionals: Smart manufacturing companies will have more stable production expectations, and the epidemic will accelerate the transformation of industrial automation in the head enterprises.

Under the epidemic situation, the operating pressure of many LED display manufacturers has increased sharply, and it also enlightens everyone: the industrial environment and market environment are experiencing a new round of changes and new adjustments! In this regard, what we can do and must do now is to plan ahead-not only focus on the market launch and consumption opening, but also pay attention to the changes in the operation mode, retail channels, and consumption methods of the LED display industry brought about by this round of epidemic. In the next 1-3 years, the industry's transformation trend has found a new track to actively detonate. Only in this way can we seize every opportunity brought by industrial adjustment and consumption upgrade!