In The Post-internet Of Things Era, The Professional Threshold Of LED Display Screen Industry Must Be Increased!

- Jul 02, 2019-

The current market environment, every line of business, the road is not easy to go. For enterprises, the shortcut is to make themselves more professional and focused step by step. Managers and production workers must believe in themselves and the power of professionalism.

China's LED display market in the first half of this year, no surprises, no surprises. In addition to a few categories such as transparent screen, ultra-hd small spacing, other display categories as always in the downturn in the channel. Similarly, more and more dealers in the industry, tired of dealing with fierce competition in the first-line market, turn around to join the channel sinking camp, realistic and helpless.

In addition to the influence of the external economic environment and market environment, the core source of the current market decline lies in the chronic problem of oversupply of industries caused by "too many people but not enough people". In recent years, the production capacity of China's LED display industry has been expanding continuously, and the product line of screen enterprises has been continuously expanding. Meanwhile, in recent years, the industrial integration has been gradually easing, and the number of enterprises and merchants participating in the market competition has been increasing instead of decreasing. However, these are still primary obstacles, and more profound difficulties have already begun. The revolution of sales channel mode and efficiency has lasted for three or five years, but the effect is not obvious. Changes in marketing and promotion, many are still stuck in the initial stage of low price to grab a single, high price to attract attention...

How to solve these problems? The direct and effective method is to improve the professional threshold of China's LED display industry as soon as possible. For China's LED display industry, which has been market-oriented for more than 30 years, fierce market competition has been started since the beginning of commercial competition * days ago. Just, when we were there ", "experience, patterns, technology and product quality, and no more contrast in the market, you will soon catch user's heart, and now we * threats into yourself, how better to stick to their own strategic direction, continuous product innovation and means of competition strategy adjustment, let oneself more professional growth.

However, professional for many screen enterprises, is not an easy thing. For all screen enterprises, the * difference between "professional threshold" and "amateur players" lies in: the former refers to the professional as the ability and capital of making money, while the latter refers to making money as interest and hobby. To turn interest into the ability to eat, obviously need to take several steps: from the beginning of * "player" mentality, speculation, to professional, so that their technology, products can represent the level and direction of the industry, this is just * step. Next, screen enterprises also need to stick to and build through continuous professional ability, fully grasp the development law and trend of the industry, teach and share it with other peers, and drive the healthy development of the whole industry. This is the greater capacity and threshold of specialization.

For the LED display industry in the Internet age, although the traditional LED display manufacturing industry "threshold" seems to be "a little" to level. However, in this process, professional LED display screen research and development, design, manufacturing technology and other professional threshold, but not fall. More importantly, embrace the change process of the Internet industry in recent years, store experience, service ability, as well as many screen enterprise product research and development innovation, are comprehensively promoted, so for future screen enterprises, in the Internet age, more should regain their professional ability, especially for upstream and downstream partners ability of resource integration, * end through better products and services to win customers and market!