Indoor Small Pitch Fixed LED Video Display Commercial Is Already A Trend

- Jan 25, 2019-

As the small-pitch Fixed LED Video Display products gradually infiltrated into the indoor commercial market, new application forms have also emerged. The increase in sharpness makes the proximity display more likely. Indoor small pitched Fixed LED Video Display commercial is already a trend.

At present, high-end shops have begun to use small-spaced Fixed LED Video Display to broadcast product advertisements, and some manufacturers have launched corresponding retail solutions in a timely manner. Among them, LED poster screens are the first to become mass-produced products of mass-produced products; During the event, the small-spaced Fixed LED Video Display is more popular, with bright, flat and high-definition display effects, which complements the car's atmospheric product image. Even if it is not suitable for long-term viewing, high cost of use and other issues hinder the education market with small pitches entering, the current active layout of Fixed LED Video Display manufacturers, in addition to large-scale conference rooms, multi-purpose lecture halls and other places, the development of virtual simulation Laboratory, smart classroom system, etc. are all one of the direction of manufacturers' efforts.

Due to its structural advantages, the production of curved LED video displays with different shapes such as curved surfaces and 90° folds is not difficult for manufacturers, which makes the small-pitch Fixed LED Video Display more suitable for commercial display than other display products. With excellent display effects, combined with increased production capacity and lower product prices, the small-pitch Fixed LED Video Display products will become more and more courageous in the development of the indoor Fixed LED Video Display market.