Intelligent Security 100 Billion Market Into The Future LED Screen Manufacturers For Fertile Soil

- Sep 09, 2019-

Ten years ago, the security industry just entered the era of digital security from simulation. After decades of rapid iteration and constant evolution of new technologies, the security industry showed diversified development. Ten years later, security industry changes, round after round of industry fusion, let the era of intelligent security on a new level. Nowadays, the government, enterprises, institutions, cities and communities have all cooperated with the national security work deployment. Thanks to the building of safe cities and smart cities, the security industry has maintained a high growth trend. It is predicted that smart security will create a market of 100 billion yuan by 2020. The continuous expansion of security industry has brought huge business opportunities for enterprises in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, especially the LED display industry directly related to security, which can smell the opportunity. Facing this one hundred billion market, how to grasp LED display?

Market demand and broad prospects

When it comes to the field of security, intelligent display has to be mentioned. Due to the enhancement of people's security awareness and the impact of intelligence on life, intelligent display plays a crucial role in security products. Moreover, in the era of intelligent monitoring, video monitoring is indispensable in any corner, and intelligent display is indispensable. The display market in the field of security is also expanded from this. According to the "2018-2022 security market development prospects analysis and supply and demand pattern research forecast report" released by the relevant industry research center, the market size of China's security industry was 324.2 billion yuan in 2012, and increased to 540.3 billion yuan in 2016, with an annual compound growth rate of 13. 6%. In 2017, the size of China's security market further increased to 620.5 billion yuan, up 14 percent year-on-year. 8%. The market size of China's security industry continues to grow, and will continue to grow rapidly in 2018. Such a huge market, has become a small spacing LED and other commercial display products companies competing for the layout of the "sweet job", for LED display to explore a new application market to arouse new vitality and vitality.

In the past two years, the implementation of policies such as safe city and intelligent traffic construction, which are closely related to the development of security, and the enhancement of public awareness of security, make the application of large screen display industry in the field of security maintain a good growth momentum. From the perspective of application market, ping an city is an area with large screen display industry growth at present and in the future, especially the second - and third-tier cities begin to show great market potential. And with the tide of LED screen industry upgrading and industry reshuffle, the security market will be bigger and bigger, no matter from the perspective of market demand or net profit space, the security market is bound to become a gold mining ground for LED screen enterprises. However, for most LED screen enterprises transforming from the low-end market to the security market, the complexity and high requirements of the security market may exceed their expected preparation, resulting in the symptoms of "acculturation", but "lose your wife and lose your troops".

Intelligent hd small spacing LED is favored to lead the way

Needless to say, throughout the LED industry market, small spacing LED products are the field where large screen enterprises compete for layout and competition. Its application scenarios are very wide, including: security monitoring, conference system, education, public display and so on. Among them, commercial display and public display occupied the small spacing LED display market share of nearly 70%. Along with the advance of the project such as cities, wisdom, peace is applied to the transportation center, security center, command center scenarios such as high quality customized according to the demand of engineering increased year by year, the major security show, are no longer just monitoring, building, parking lot of the "world", small spacing LED display companies also increased obviously, whether the traffic guidance system, or monitoring center operations, such as public security management, the wisdom city, all need to display as information broadcast platform, small spacing LED display enterprise gradually "roots" in the field of security. With the popularization of small-spacing LED technology and the decline of small-spacing LED display price, small-spacing LED display market segment has attracted more and more manufacturers to join, especially in the application fields with strong economic demand, such as indoor security and conference room.

At the same time, with the comprehensive intelligent transformation of traditional security, visualization, high definition, intelligent small spacing LED display increasingly become the focus of the industry, has become the mainstream of the security market display terminal. LED display, as the key player in the field of security monitoring, has a direct impact on the direction of security industry. Hd large outdoor LED screen is the "new favorite" in intelligent transportation in recent years, and with the continuous breakthrough of LED small spacing technology, LED display products are better in display effect. Compared with other display products, the screen with small spacing LED display has more prominent obvious advantages. It can not only realize seamless splicing, but also have flexible and diverse installation modes, thin screen body thickness, high brightness, low energy consumption, and low operation and maintenance cost. Therefore, it quickly occupies the market of indoor large screen application field represented by command and control room. And with the popularization of 4K hd concept and H. With the implementation of 265 and other standards, video monitoring is developing towards high definition, and the requirements for LED display screen are also getting higher and higher, striving to achieve video content. Therefore, the high-precision, intelligent and low-energy seamless LED display has become the leading role in the security market.

LED screen enterprises need to upgrade to meet the high requirements of the security market

As the industry insiders said, "currently LED display has entered the application era from a simple product era, and the transformation of LED industry has just begun... In recent years, in many application scenarios, it has brought us colorful "horizon". At the same time, with the continuous development of display technology and the acceleration of intelligent large screen, LED display is also moving towards the digital age, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and the Internet of everything. In the future, LED display will not only be a product, but also an application. Companies in the future, for many of the LED screen, security market is not equal to simply sell products, as long as the simple increase development costs, and improve the product quality can survive in this market is very good, it has been proved that rely on sales of equipment products have been unable to support enterprise fast development, the overall solution ability of the enterprise competition has more advantages in the future.

In fact, the security market can't just sell hardware, sell products, also need to start to security market customer groups are defined, so as to better service to the market to sell as a whole, the system transformation, achieve the screen technology innovation, marketing innovation and service innovation, and user demand real demand docking, from high prices to high value; At the same time, it should also be clear that screen enterprises into the security market is a long-term and systematic project, not a short-term cost can be solved, through intensive farming, continuous investment in research and development, to "moisten things quietly" way, to cultivate the definition of products, enhance the brand's user awareness. In addition, in the current security market, LED display enterprises to deeply contact the market, understand the real needs of the market.


To sum up, as LED display screens are further explored and opened in the security market, it will inevitably attract a large number of enterprises, businesses and other industry personnel into this field. The future LED display screen in the security market will be more sophisticated, intelligent and other directions. To some extent, the hot demand of security market has become an important driving force for large-screen enterprises to transform from product-led to overall service-led. It can be predicted that, under the combined action of the urgent demand of industry users and the development demand of big screen itself, in the development of security market, only the screen enterprises with characteristics and unique competitiveness can occupy the winning heights in this field.