LCD, DLP, LED Display Competition Has Driven The Growth Of The Outdoor Digital Signage Market

- Jul 16, 2020-

A few days ago, the relevant data showed that in the next four years, the compound annual growth rate of the digital signage display market will reach 18.2%, of which LED displays and LCD displays will drive market growth, and the largest growth will occur at 65 inches or greater On the display screen, research shows that by 2019, more than half of the public display market revenue will come from large screens.

In recent years, the technology development of small-pitch LEDs has matured gradually, and companies have launched their own small pitch LED products, which has led to increasingly fierce market competition. With the continuous expansion of the application field of digital signage, some companies have seen the huge potential of small-pitch LEDs in the digital signage market, and have invested in this, turning digital signage into an important battlefield for the competition of small-pitch LEDs in the application field.


Traditionally, digital signage products in a broad sense refer to display terminals that publish information or product advertisements in public places. Currently, these products are mainly used for “indoor” applications. Indoor display mainly uses LCD display technology, because of its high resolution, delicate colors, stable product performance and easy installation and maintenance. Due to the "outdoor" special use environment, the product is required to have high brightness, protection and durability.

According to OMDIA's "Digital Signage and Professional Displays Intelligence Service" tracking report, the growth rate of the indoor digital signage market in 2019 begins to slow, and Omdia predicts indoor display products, except for interactive tablet (IFP) touch with touch function In addition to display products, it will continue to slow down in 2020 and the next few years. However, the market demand for outdoor digital signage is growing.

Digital signage, as a new media concept, is juxtaposed with newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet, and is called "fifth media." Digital signage is mainly a multimedia audio-visual system that publishes some information through screen terminals in outdoor public places, such as government, enterprise buildings, bank private networks, business halls, transportation industry, large-scale shopping malls, hotels and other places with large flow of people. Using digital signage can spread the corresponding information to a specific group of people at a specific time, so as to achieve the role of information dissemination, advertising, and expanding influence.

The COVID-19 has made 2020 a turning point for the entire industry, and new opportunities for digital signage products in the outdoor application market. Due to the further development of LCD panel technology, the cost of high-brightness products has continued to decline. In the first half of the year, most digital signage product manufacturers are turning their attention to the outdoor market. Public displays and signs for "outdoor" or "semi-outdoor" applications with brightness exceeding 1000nit The display product lineup is growing steadily, mainly in the transportation field (bus stations and other ground transportation platforms), and the fast-growing self-service order display in fast-food (QSR) retail application scenarios. The above display products need to work for a long time in a complex environment, usually need to have more than 1000nit, and adjust the brightness independently according to the ambient light; all-weather work (24/7); adapt to changes in high temperature, adjust the temperature of the machine independently; three protection (waterproof , Dustproof, anti-collision) and other characteristics.

As a high-brightness display terminal, LED display screens have been shrinking in dot pitch and the size of the display has been shrinking on the basis of the gradual decline in prices in recent years, which has strongly impacted the digital signage display market and has become a group of dark horses in this field.