LED Conference Display And LCD Splicing Screen Competitive Relationship

- Apr 26, 2020-

Abstract: Under the influence of the epidemic this year, the demand for telecommuting and cloud video conferencing has surged, effectively replacing business travel and becoming the latest collaborative working model for governments, corporate telecommuting, teleconferencing, and remote training. In this context, the small pitch LED conference all-in-one machine has become the main direction of the current manufacturers.

From the perspective of traditional video conference applications, it is mainly used in the deployment of governments and large enterprise groups; while traditional video conferences are subject to private network dedicated lines and dedicated server deployment, etc., which is expensive and difficult to promote on a large scale; and Under the influence of the epidemic this year, the demand for telecommuting and cloud video conferencing has surged, effectively replacing business travel and becoming the latest collaborative working model for governments, corporate telecommuting, teleconferencing, and remote training.

Under this background, small-pitch LED conference all-in-one machines have become the main direction of the current manufacturers; for example, LED small-pitch market sales TOP1 manufacturers Liad said that this year will vigorously promote the conference all-in-one machine, and pledged Enterprises and institutions provide free cloud video conferencing products and services worth more than 3 million yuan to fight the epidemic together. Zhou Ming also said that the current LED conference all-in-one machine can be mass-produced, and many projects have landed; the LED conference all-in-one machine can be equipped with a video conference system to reduce on-site meetings and improve remote work efficiency;

From the current layout of several mainstream LED companies on the LED conference all-in-one machine, the size range is between 110-220 inches. It can be seen that many manufacturers have layouts on 135/136/138 inches (collectively referred to as 138 inches);

Figure 1: The layout of the main LED enterprise conference machine

The main reason why 138 inches is the mainstream size is that it currently uses P1.5 at the FHD resolution; currently P1.5 ranks first in the LED small pitch sales volume market, and the product acceptance is higher and the price Compared with P1.2 products, the price advantage is obvious. In addition, DISCIEN believes that with the continuous development and penetration of MINI LEDs, P0.9 will take the lead in mass production applications, and the next 165 inches is expected to be the main application in the conference room 4K resolution market.

Figure 2: Corresponding pitch of small-pitch LED conference all-in-one at different resolutions

Large conference room: the competitive relationship between the LED conference all-in-one machine and the LCD splicing .

From the perspective of its competing LCD splicing, it can be found that the areas of these sizes of LED conference all-in-one machines are completely aligned with the main pin-up products of LCD splicing, and the areas are completely equal. The mainstream splicing form of the market.

Figure 3: Small pitch LED conference machine VS LCD splicing area relationship

However, in terms of price, the price multiples of the ENB and UNB products that are spliced with LCDs on 110-inch and 138-inch LED conference all-in-one machines are still relatively high; Moreover, the capacity of the 220-inch conference room is more than 80 people, the conference room area is large, and the granularity of the LED will be significantly weakened.

Figure 4: Small-pitch LED conference all-in-one machine VS LCD splicing price multiple relationship (pure hardware price comparison)

In summary, it can be summarized as the following:

First, from a budget perspective: if the conference room screen purchase budget is more than 200,000, the small-pitch LED integrated machine has a greater chance; if the screen purchase budget is less than 200,000, it will focus on selecting LCD splicing products, especially less than 100,000 The basic is the LCD splicing market.

Second, from the perspective of industry applications: LED all-in-one machines are mainly positioned in conference rooms in government industries, especially industries with obvious requirements for patchwork, such as conference rooms in the military and key government departments; if more emphasis is placed on resolution and price Of users will focus on LCD splicing products, because under the same area, the resolution of LCD splicing can be higher.

Third, from the perspective of size application: The 138-inch LED all-in-one machine market will penetrate as a mainstream size in medium and large conference rooms in the government industry, and the application of 220-inch in ultra-large conference rooms will constitute a 55-inch 4 × 4 LCD mosaic market Powerful threat. The 165-inch 4K product with P0.9 pitch is expected to become the next major product for LED manufacturers.

Fourth: From the perspective of the layout of commercial display manufacturers: walking with multiple legs is the trend; this year, for small-pitch manufacturers, in addition to the layout of MINI LEDs, the conference all-in-one machine has also become a driving boom; and from the recent actions of commercial display manufacturers It can be clearly seen that enterprises are walking on multiple legs. For example, conference tablet manufacturers are gradually enriching their LED product lines above 100 inches, and LED manufacturers are gradually beginning to enrich their LCD tablet product lines below 100 inches. DISCIEN believes that With the continuous release of the potential of the business-segmented industry, the individualized and differentiated needs of customers will also emerge, and walking on multiple legs will have the opportunity to expand and extend more new businesses in addition to fully satisfying the needs of different customers.