LED Display Challenges And Turnaround In 2021-Part Two

- Feb 24, 2021-

Brand further stratification and positioning

Full category, multi-brand layered, differentiated management, this is the current standardization of many LED display manufacturers operation action. Mainly in order to face the continuous differentiation of the mainstream consumer groups in the market in recent years, the most representative is that the circle of interest is more and more professional, more and more segmented.

If we say that the layout of the whole category is to meet the needs of many consumers for integration and integration, so as to enjoy a more convenient and efficient product experience. So many brand segmentation, is to find different levels, different economic levels, different products to pursue customer segmentation needs. Therefore, how to find target users, how to achieve accurate product promotion and marketing. These challenges directly determine the ability of many manufacturers to execute in 2021.

The Winter Olympics brought a new twist

Chinese LED products were first known by the world at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and have been popular all over the world since then. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China's LED display industry has entered a stage of rapid development, giving birth to or cultivating a large number of display enterprises. After 14 years of development, the output value of China's LED industry occupies the first place in the world. China's LED display market share in the world has reached 85%, and some enterprises are rising in the international market.

It is understood that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has achieved a lot of LED display enterprises, but also gave birth to some new forms of business. Through the Olympic Games, China's LED display application industry bucked the trend and took the lead out of the impact of the financial crisis.


Through the 2008 Olympic Games stunning appearance and display, China's LED display application enterprises have gone out of the country, in more and more international large-scale events and activities, to provide important LED display equipment. The Olympic Games has opened a window for Chinese LED display application enterprises to enter the international market, allowing more and more Chinese-made LED displays to bloom in the international market.


With the Winter Olympics and Paralympics approaching, the construction of the main venues has been completed. According to the convention, this year will be the related equipment including LED display concentrated installation and commissioning phase. LED display application enterprises should have a good opportunity this year, but also can take this opportunity to lead the industry out of the epidemic impact of the trough.

Many enterprises have long aimed at the business opportunities of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, ready to take advantage of this grand meeting to give full play to the home advantage, continue the glory of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, once again let the world cheer for China's LED display, also take the opportunity to reverse the industry downturn since last year's epidemic situation.

It is expected that the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, LED transparent screen is likely to continue to appear. Floor tile screen, creative screen, will be the highlight of attention. With the progress of MINI /Micro LED and 5G+8K technologies, the Winter Olympics, as a stage for high-tech applications, will further promote the maturity and application of relevant technologies. In addition, we may see the unveiling of some of the dark technologies that have been kept under wraps.

With the expansion of application scenarios, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor LED display, and LED display products such as transparent screen, grille screen and naked eye 3D screen are becoming more and more diversified. There are still many uncertainties looking ahead to 2021, but opportunities can be seen in markets such as 5G, new infrastructure, and ultra-high definition. In this regard, LED screen enterprises need to follow the progress of technology, pay attention to the changes in the market, continue to deepen the industry field, do specialized, do a good job in product services, to the same should change, to deal with the unknown challenges.