LED Display Independent Advertising Machine /LED Poster Screen/show Advertising Screen

- May 10, 2019-

As an important tool of city image display, information disclosure and cultural communication, led display screen can be seen everywhere in the city. With all kinds of theatrical performances, exhibitions, business displays and leisure and entertainment fields, the pursuit of the ultimate display effect, creative display has increasingly become a hot spot and focus in the field of large-screen display. Up to now, with the promotion of new technologies and the innovation of manufacturing level, led displays have formed many new images: led transparent screen, led grille screen, led spherical screen, led arc screen and so on. Spread out from the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony of the Chinese painting scroll, sails screen to guangzhou Asian games model, then to the Rio Olympics by giant "ball" and slowly changing out the lotus stage, led display, again and again the overturned thoroughly display image in the eyes of people: the original led display can be so creative, so beautiful! In fact, LED creative display is much more than that, let's take a look at the leading digital creative LED display enterprise, China's digital creative LED display manufacturer -- dayuan intelligent technology how to use creative technology to create LED display art boutique.

1. LED dream cube

The hexahedral LED screen is danyuan's innovation in the application of indoor LED screen. The whole LED screen is composed of six hd indoor LED screens, and the multi-dimensional display effect makes you feel like you are in a dream cube.

Typical cases:

1. Huangshan city exhibition hall is the first 720-degree CAVE panoramic experience theater in China

2. LED dream cube project of China new energy ecological science and technology museum

2. Interactive LED sand screen

Led display diversified applications, both tall, but also fine fine! The perfect combination of the display screen and the digital sand table equals nature on the desktop!

Typical case: ganzhou city planning museum.

3. The spherical LED screen

Yuan smart tech spherical LED screen products (360 ° Angle of view, the LED ball screen can play video advertising, brand publicity, also as a decorative lighting, P3 spherical LED display is mainly used in the museum, science and technology museum, business hall, exhibition hall and other places.

4. Transparent cylindrical LED screen

It can be used in shopping shopping mall, jewelry store, counter, exhibition center and other fields

5. LED cylindrical screen

The LED cylinder screen of dayuan intelligent technology adopts hd LED display products, with stable operation, delicate playing screen and hd display effect, which can be said to be extremely shocking.

Typical case: Lebanon ABC shopping square LED column screen.

6. LED screen in a tree

Danyuan smart technology tree LED screen is a tree formed by LED module, which contains sound, shadow, light and electricity, interwoven, diversified and three-dimensional LED display by high-tech means. It is widely used in planning exhibition, digital center exhibition hall, shopping mall and other places.

7. Interactive floor tile screen

Dayuan intelligent technology LED interactive floor tile screen is specially designed for the ground display. It has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, fog-proof performance, heat dissipation performance and other indicators, so that it can adapt to high intensity stampede, long time operation and reduce maintenance.

8.LED rotating mechanical screen

The whole structure of the LED rotating machinery screen of dayuan intelligent technology is shaped like a triangle column, and the middle video display part is composed of a triangular LED box with three layers. Under the control of the rotating system, the three LED screens cooperate with each other, and the rotating action is coordinated with the video screen. Nine small LED screens on three sides can play video alone, or spliced into three video screens, or spliced into an integrated video screen. The perfect combination of dynamic screen and video screen will bring people shocking visual impact and promote the effective communication of outdoor advertising.

9. The LED screens waterfall

Daiyuan intelligent technology LED waterfall screen brings the waterfall to the office, and the ultra-high definition LED background wall brings the breath of nature

10. The LED screen stairs

The LED stair screen of dayuan intelligent technology adopts the solid and durable aluminum alloy structure, and the resin mask with high abrasion resistance makes it can be directly trampled on the ground. Using integral closed design, it has obtained the certification of IP65 protection grade; Quick dismounting modular design makes installation and maintenance easy. This product in the application with kangshuozhan virtual software technology and interactive software technology, can have extremely powerful use function, to create extraordinary outstanding effect. At present, the product is mainly used in bars, clubs, theatres, theatres, stage parties and other entertainment and evening party occasions.

11. Triangular LED screen

The distributed scanning and modularization design are adopted to improve the stability and reliability of the system. Display product model: PH2.5 PH3 PH4, PH5, PH6 and other pixel tube. Rich colors and diverse display modes (graphics, text, 3d, 2d animation, TV pictures, etc.). Unique appearance (diamond screen horn screen, W shape screen, rubik's cube screen, VVV screen, hexagonal screen, etc.), can be customized according to the size of the site.

12.LED internal and external circular LED screen

LED arc screen audience coverage for two or even three or four, the highest coverage of up to 360 °, no dead Angle audience coverage, arc module can perfectly perfect connected two pieces of LED flat panel cohesion, expand coverage for audience, improve customer value for advertising. Improve the overall beauty of the building LED arc screen better integrated with the building itself, improve the overall beauty of the LED display screen, attracting eyeballs.

Typical case: huizhou baiyu cinema P6 annular led display project

13. To summarize

It is an inevitable trend that LED creative display moves from the niche market behind the scenes to the mass market in front of the stage, and the standardization and industrialization of LED creative display also become an inevitable trend. Standardized low-cost LED creative display is the key to open the market. The standardization of LED creative display is the standardized production of enterprise products and the barrierless connection between enterprises, forming a complete ecological chain. Point is the enterprise according to their own advantages, or solutions, or modules, or control systems, research and development of products, such as moselle control system, mingxingguang module. After the realization of barrier-free connection, end customers can create a bizarre world according to their own creative needs, or batch copy, or wild imagination. Personality of creative design, by the designer to make creative LED display like music, painting as public art, big yuan intelligent creative families keep up with the trend of art, with many years of accumulation, and developing creative LED display technology, it has developed many imaginative creativity LED display solution, won the market and users widely recognized, its products are widely used in museum, planning, science and technology museum, enterprise as well as commercial, and many other fields. With the expansion of the creative LED display market, dayuan intelligent will continue to give play to its advantages in technology and research and development, develop more and more creative industrial application solutions, continue to create display value for users, and become the leading brand of creative LED display in China.