LED Display Industry Faces Both Opportunities And Challenges With The Rise Of VR Industry

- Nov 15, 2019-

On October 19, the world VR industry conference opened in nanchang. At the opening ceremony, the state leader delivered an important speech. World conference on VR industry attracted more than 20 provinces, the competent department of industry and information technology, 11 academicians at home and abroad, professor of more than 50 famous universities, more than 20 well-known research institutions of experts and scholars, a dozen field of virtual reality industry association, the organization with nearly 20 domestic local virtual reality industry association/union representative, as well as from more than 30 countries and regions of the world's nearly 2000 virtual reality field representatives of enterprises, more than 7000 professional audience participation.

Virtual reality is the synthesizer of the new generation of information technology. It is recognized as the next tuyere of the information industry. The global virtual reality industry is moving towards the rapid growth stage from the initial cultivation stage. It is also the right time for China to boost the development of VR industry.

The 2019 world VR industry conference will usher in a new round of deep integration between VR and manufacturing.

As a link of manufacturing industry, the integration of VR industry and LED display will bring new development opportunities to LED display screen industry.

The integration of VR and LED display industry is not simply the superposition of things. In order to find a fusion point between the two, LED display should better integrate with VR. LED display enterprises need to have a deep understanding of the characteristics of VR. The integration of VR and LED display screen industry first requires higher hardware requirements for LED display, which requires the LED display screen to have high-definition display screen. High - definition display quality can meet VR intelligent display. At present, LED display industry is in full swing to develop Mini LED, Micro LED technology, the development of these micro-display technology have prompted LED display to hd. In terms of software, the fusion application of 5G, 4K, HDR10 and other peripheral technologies cannot be separated from the hardware support of micro-display.

The integration of VR and LED microdisplay drives the continuous optimization and upgrading of LED display industry with high requirements on display performance. The state plans to accelerate the implementation of "made in China 2025" to upgrade the manufacturing industry. As an important part of the manufacturing in China, LED display screens should accelerate the industrial upgrading, which is also the bounden obligation of LED display enterprises.

The rise of VR industry presents both opportunities and challenges. No matter how LED display enterprises empower the display, LED display screen is still only a display terminal, and the immersive experience required by VR and LED display fusion requires more content participation.

On the other hand, as VR is still a new thing for the LED display industry, many people in the industry just regard it as a gimmick. There are not many LED display enterprises that really dig deep into VR/AR technology, and they still need to face more problems if they want to integrate VR/AR technology with LED display screen.

The exploration of some enterprises in the LED display industry in the VR field will also accumulate more valuable experience for subsequent enterprises to enter the VR field.

Lyard group started to layout VR industry in 2016. Lyard's strategic layout and investment also proved that lyard's strategic vision was correct. With the continuous maturity of VR industry and the comprehensive promotion of VR industry, LED display industry will have a larger application market in VR field in the future.

Lyard VR experience "national treasure"

In 2017, lyard completed the wholly-owned acquisition of NaturalPoint, bringing the world's top VR interactive technology into the Chinese market. Lyard used its capital advantages to make up for its weaknesses in the VR field. With leah, the deepening of the exploration in the field of VR leah DE VR products have been widely used in film, animation, games, simulation training, sports scientific analysis, medical rehabilitation, education, training, industrial manufacturing, in areas such as artificial intelligence, and is widely used in large-scale unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control system and VR subject center and experience to paradise.

The combination of VR and LED display has enriched the display content of LED display screen industry.

In the future, with the maturity of VR industry, what kind of way will the LED display screen industry explore in VR field and what kind of path will be explored, which is also an important problem that industry people have to think about.