LED Display Industry Four Trends

- Dec 16, 2019-

In recent years, the development of LED display industry in China has made great progress, both in technology innovation and product innovation. With the gradual expansion of the application field of LED display, combined with the current development status, we can see the characteristics and trends of the future development of LED display. In the blink of an eye, 2019 has entered the second half of the year. As we all know, the middle of the year is the slack season for the industry.

Under the influence of factors such as early market overdraft and weak demand, the industry on the one hand is weak demand in the case of market saturation, on the other hand is to stimulate market demand, continuously reduce, allow the profit to be grabbed in advance. And the overdraft of future orders, after the middle of the year will inevitably bring a drop in market sales...

For advertising LED screen manufacturers who have weathered numerous storms, no matter how difficult the industry environment, they will continue to stabilize the second half of 2019 based on the market methodology and means for the first half of 2019.

Exports have grown in size

The main products of China's advertising LED screen industry not only occupy the absolute market in China, but also occupy a certain share in the global market, forming a stable export. In the international market competition and large-scale display system engineering, the ability to develop and implement large-scale display system engineering has been greatly improved. This industry has two different ways of market response: first, the price war continues to be hot, product prices continue to fall on the premise of ensuring product quality; Second, for many screen enterprises in the industry, the current resistance to the high-end market is getting bigger and bigger, leading screen enterprises are becoming more and more powerful, fierce competition in the market segment, many manufacturers give up halfway, making the transition road difficult.

The upstream and downstream achieve benign interaction

Positive interaction between the upstream and downstream of the LED industry: based on the development of LED chip materials, drive IC, control technology, etc., the LED industry chain has realized positive interaction between the upstream and downstream. New products and new technologies have been rapidly applied and applied. Application, semiconductor lighting, lighting and lighting engineering has formed a certain technical basis and production engineering basis. On the basis of traditional large-screen display technology and products, the market share of full-color advertising LED screen products in the industry is increasing year by year.

Industrial development standardization, intensification

Under the active promotion of LED display industry association for many years, product development has the characteristics of standardization and intensive development. Standardization and standardization have improved the industrialization level of advertising led screen.

The industrial structure has been constantly improved and rationalized

The professional division of labor in the industry is becoming more and more obvious. The industrial chain of LED display application products has been basically formed, laying a good foundation for the continuous upgrading of the industry. At the same time, the division of labor and cooperation in specialized production, technical development and engineering services are also reflected in the industry. Market segmentation and core competitiveness have become a new issue of concern for many enterprises.

In the second half of this year, the market will likely continue to decline and a bottom, LED display manufacturers is necessary to learn to lowering the annual growth rate of market expectations, shift the focus, to further strengthen the internal skills, constantly improve its own technical strength, innovative ability, product strength, and the expansion of the brand, marketing and service ability, return to the original core, really find a market management standard, really pay attention to the product of the user experience and value.

For many people who have used advertising LED screen in the past two years, the feeling is that the market is getting faster and more complex. COB small spacing, Mini LED /, Micro LED and other new technology trends have been introduced. In this case, many manufacturers have begun to adopt new techniques and new games of "change the pressure" and "change the change" and keep a close eye on the market. Change in demand, pre-emptive technology/product innovation, to win the initiative in the future market.

The overall LED display market has changed more than expected. All this, despite a new set of challenges, also adds new business opportunities and space. Because all innovation is from the beat shabby start!