LED Display Power Supply Knowledge

- Apr 27, 2020-

Abstract: With the popularization of information technology, visualization, intelligence and the application of 3D, VR, AR and other technologies, cross-border integration with LED display screens has become a reality, while LED chip materials, driver ICs, control, packaging and other technologies continue Development, LED display screens will inevitably continue to make breakthroughs in the direction of high density, thin and light, energy saving, and personalization. Therefore, more and more high requirements are placed on the supporting power supply

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With the popularization of informationization, visualization, intelligence and the application of 3D, VR, AR and other technologies, cross-border integration with LED display screens has become a reality. At the same time, with the continuous development of LED chip materials, driver ICs, control, packaging and other technologies, LED display screens will inevitably continue to make breakthroughs in the direction of high density, lightness, thinning, energy saving, and personalization. Therefore, higher and higher requirements are also placed on the supporting power supply. The following Chuanglian power supply answers detailed questions about the development status and future trends of LED display power supply in detail!

Q1: The LED display has entered the era of "small pitch", what impact will this have on the development of power supplies? What are the main stages of the development of LED display power so far?

A: The small-pitch products in the current market have begun to enter the mass production stage, especially the hot COB packaging technology, coupled with the continuous development of LED chip materials, driver ICs, control and other technologies, has further aggravated the development and popularization of small-pitch technology. It is expected that in the future, the small pitch will continue to usher in explosive growth. What followed was an innovation in power supply products.

Ultra-thin, light, miniaturized, customized, and intelligent will be the development direction of small-pitch power supplies. Chuanglian Power has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in this regard to fully prepare for the upcoming outbreak of the small-pitch market.

Q2: What is the development trend of Mini LED and Micro LED in the future display application?

A: With the rapid development of the current small-pitch display market and the increasing requirements for display technology, the advantages of MiniLED and MicroLED technology in the field of display are becoming more and more difficult for the industry to ignore. Chuanglian Power believes that MiniLED display and MicroLED will be more advanced display technologies and the future development trend of display applications. The rise of MiniLED and MicroLED is an important area for the future development of LED. At present, MiniLED already has mass production capabilities, MicroLED is currently the focus of most manufacturers' research and development, and is expected to have huge development space in the future.

MiniLED and MicroLED displays have the characteristics of no stitching, high brightness and non-reflective images. With the advantages of product clarity, picture quality, thickness, response speed, etc., they have gradually switched from commercial-level displays to consumer-level displays, and downstream application companies It is also vigorously promoted. Once it is applied on a large scale, the prospect will be very broad. Compared with traditional LED display products, MiniLED and MicroLED have a series of advantages such as cost, price, packaging, protection, transportation, installation and maintenance, which can solve the problems of traditional LED display. At present, the application of Mini LED is still limited to the high-end market, while MicroLED is still in the stage of small batch samples, and there are technical bottlenecks that need to be overcome.

Q3: What impact will the development of Mini LED and Micro LED technology have on the LED display industry? What challenges does it pose to the display power supply?

A: It is not difficult to see from the technological development of MiniLED and MicroLED. The current cost issue is one of the biggest doubts and the most difficult problems in the popularization of the two new technologies of MiniLED and MicroLED because of the breakthrough of these technologies. Faced with many difficulties such as supply chain, production process, R & D and innovation. Only by reducing costs can it be allowed to enter the mainstream consumer market. In addition, the development of MiniLED and MicroLED technologies will cause a new round of upsurge in the development of display power supplies, and raise higher requirements on the heat dissipation performance of the power supply, the power of the power supply, the size of the power supply, and the response speed of the power supply. Requirements, this also means that the traditional LED display industry is about to face new challenges and opportunities.

The ultra-thin, light-weight, customized, intelligent and other technical trends of LED power supply will be fatal for power supply manufacturers without technical reserves. Under multiple pressures, many display power supply companies may be struggling.

Q4: The process materials of LED display power supply largely determine the service life of the power supply. What is the current development trend of materials used in power supply manufacturing?

A: The main factors that determine the service life of the display power supply are electrolytic capacitors, ICs, MOS tubes, transformers and other key devices. As the national team's environmental inspections become stricter, the suppliers of key components will become more and more concentrated, and the procurement advantages of large-scale manufacturers will become more and more obvious. For now, there will not be any major changes in the material of key power supply electrical performance, and the places with large changes may appear in MOS tubes and IC chips, because the intelligentization of power supply will be the key development direction in the next few years.

Q5: For LED display users, energy saving and environmental protection is a very important indicator. What role can power companies play in this? How can LED display power supply better achieve energy saving and environmental protection?

A: In the application of LED display products, the power supply is a very critical device. It produces more environmentally friendly and energy-saving power supplies. Energy saving and environmental protection are the goals that every power supply company is pursuing. The energy-saving and environmental protection focus of the power supply has been broken from the following aspects: environmental protection production line, environmental protection solder paste, environmental protection tin furnace, low voltage, and PFC circuit. From the current point of view, the control of the production process is relatively easy, but most display screen manufacturers choose products without PFC circuits based on cost control and maintaining market competitive advantage. This will form loop interference to the power grid, which will The power grid is very unfavorable, but the better phenomenon is that now display manufacturers are no longer blindly pursuing brightness, and are more concerned about energy conservation and environmental protection. At present, large display manufacturers generally begin to use 4.2V, 4V, 3.8V or even 3.3V power solutions. This in itself is a very good energy saving solution.

Chuanglian Power Supply B-350FAY-PH series is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED common cathode power supply solution. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, safety protection, good heat dissipation, low electromagnetic interference and high reliability. Common cathode products use precise power supply control technology to accurately distribute different voltages for LEDs and driving circuits, so that the power consumption of the product is more power-saving than similar products on the market! The common cathode LED driving method can accurately control the voltage, while reducing power consumption and reducing the heat generation, so that the wavelength of the LED does not drift under continuous operation, and the true color is displayed steadily! In terms of energy consumption, it can also be greatly reduced, thereby greatly reducing the temperature rise of the system, effectively reducing the probability of LED damage, improving the stability and reliability of the entire display system, and greatly extending the system life.