LED Display Scenes Are Becoming More Diversified, Industry Standards Are Coming Out

- May 06, 2019-

2018 is the year of small spacing. In 2019, the trend of the prairie is still erupting. With the development of smart cities and digital economy, the smart display terminal has begun to “renovate”, and the industry is sitting on the bow of the ship. The rookies in the small segment of the field have brought together the best works, bringing vitality to the LED optoelectronics industry in China and the world.

Not long ago, the digital audio-visual engineering network just took stock of the new trend of China's LED optoelectronic industry technology development in the 2019 quarter. Below, at the specific market application level, let us look at the new growth points of the LED industry this year:

01 wisdom light pole screen

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The "Government Work Report" of 2019 puts forward: "The new urbanization must reflect the human core, improve the flexible management and refined service level." As the "road eye" of road traffic, the smart light pole screen is also included in the construction of smart cities. In the purchase list, there is no special technical barrier in the production of the light pole screen itself. However, there are not many enterprises engaged in the production of LED light pole screens in China. Among the listed companies, only Qipu Optoelectronics, Tailong Zhixian, etc. A small number of enterprises are doing it, plus Shanghai Sansi, Lianchengfa, Zhongyi Intelligent and other manufacturers, the overall production capacity is very limited, due to the demand and supply is small, there are manufacturers feedback, smart light pole screen orders have been placed next year.

A number of media reports said that the future of smart city construction will bring about 25 trillion market increments for the Chinese economy. The target smart light pole screen is regarded as the LED display list. I believe no one has any objection.


02 high-end conference screen

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Driven by the trend of visualization and shared office, the conference screens with large size, high image quality, high flexibility and capable of carrying interactive technology are gradually becoming the trend, which drives the LCD flat panel integrated machine and the small pitch LED conference integrated machine. The strong demand, especially in the fields of education, conferences, exhibitions, etc., has replaced the projector as the mainstream of the market.

At the beginning of this year, Chau Ming Technology launched the 136-inch, 176-inch UTV III commercial LED all-in-one machine. Abbyson launched the 138-inch, 165-inch i Con series conference screen, and at the March show, it showed the rental screen of high-end conference scenes. Absenicon,


Then, on March 8th, the great feminine festival of women, Lanpu Video launched a 145-inch conference machine with built-in camera function...

Behind this uniform action, there is no doubt a trend. As Gao Liwei, director of Lehman Optoelectronics, said: "With the maturity of LED display and packaging technology, we will certainly do the market suitable for high-end education and high-end conferences. These traditional display technologies are displayed in miniaturized LEDs. It will become increasingly difficult to compete in technical competition."

However, considering the display characteristics, cost and other factors of small-pitch LEDs, the industry also has different voices: "In the field of large size above 100 inches, LED conference screens may take the lead in making breakthroughs, while in areas below 100 inches, it is necessary to face LCD. Long-term coexistence of projections."

03 cinema line large screen

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120 years ago, since humans invented film projectors, projections have always monopolized the cinema market. After large-scale manufacturers such as NEC, Barco, and Christie introduced laser projectors for various theaters, high-end film projection technology has turned to Potential.

In July 2017, with Samsung Electronics launching the world's first 10.3 meter long cinema LED screen, and installed in the Lotte Movie World Tower in Korea, the ultra clear 4K resolution 4096 x 2160, peak brightness 146fL, stronger than standard projector technology 10 Double, while incorporating high dynamic range imaging HDR technology, it is called "next generation picture quality technology" in realistic display effect.


Six months later, Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda Studios also launched the movie screen. The fiery voice of the LED display screen in the cinema line lasted for 2018, but the failure rate, heat dissipation and long-term caused by the discrete device LED display technology Time viewing causes problems such as vertigo, and the application of LED screens in the cinema line is still in its infancy. However, some industry experts believe that with the maturity of packaging technologies such as COB and IMD, it is not difficult to solve these problems. "At present, LED display screens cannot be popularized in theaters, but in reality there are complicated cinema industry factors."

What is worth looking forward to is the emergence of cinema LED screens, at least for the audience to experience the movie experience, but also a potential quality choice.

04 Wenzhou City and other creative screens

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Wenlv City is another popular urbanization development trend corresponding to smart cities. In the specific development process, the characteristic display of tourist attractions has become a major selling point.

As a led display embellished with it, creative display technology is not difficult. The combination of AR, VR technology and display is not new. However, according to different scenes of "creative design + content production", LED screens for many technical expertise. For enterprises, it is indeed a big difficulty. At LED CHINA 2019 Shenzhen Exhibition, Shenzhen Dayuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which has rich experience in digital dance and digital travel, has presented many LED creative screens, such as P2.5 creative LEDs used in Zhuhai Air Show. Screen, Huangshan "Dream Cube" inside the pentahedron LED screen, using "3D holography + AR + VR" technology, to bring 720 ° immersive experience to the audience.

With the creative display enterprises such as Alida, Shanghai Lanshuo and Shanghai Sansi as benchmarks, many industry rookies have taken a different approach and built their own moats in the subdivisions. For example, Xinyiguang floor tiles have been able to easily compete for concerts after years of research and development. The demand for commercial display of multi-scene, such as film festivals and model T-station, is used in the application of Optics Valley New World K11, which is known as the pioneer of the LED display market in shopping centers.


05 sports event screen

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From the initial replacement of traditional static advertisements, only a few seconds appear when the camera is switched. Later, it is used to display the information of the stadium and the live broadcast. To some extent, the LED display is indispensable as an extension and supplement of the audience's horizon. The role.

In the international football matches such as the Dutch, Serie A, Bundesliga and European Cups, the support of the Abbison LED stadium screen can be seen everywhere. In the domestic competitions such as Super League, China A and China B, the LED fence screen has become a standard, and its super high. The refresh rate allows viewers to watch the game in front of the TV or through the network for a better picture experience.

Due to the staged stage, the LED display market for sports events will not be hot for a long time. It is always accompanied by high tides and low valleys. In any case, large-scale events are one of the most important entertainment methods for the majority of the audience. For the audience, the hardware quality of the stadium screen is directly related to the viewing experience, so this application scenario will never decline.



After decades of development, for the Chinese screen enterprises that currently provide about 90% of the world's LED display screens, technological innovations are hard to beat everyone. How to get rid of the disorderly competition order of the industry and fundamentally make the cake bigger, It is a big hurdle in front of you.

At the two major exhibitions in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in February and March, excellent listed companies have set an example and issued the "LED Industry Standards", which introduces a number of international standards such as safety standards, technical standards, quality standards, environmental standards, etc. For the development of the domestic LED industry, it is not without benefits. Only more practitioners have joined in, strictly control the quality of products and practice social responsibility. Chinese screen enterprises can win more respect and applause in the international market.