LED Display With Its Unique Creative Into The New Favorite Outdoor Advertising

- May 08, 2019-

At present, the outdoor led display, with its unique creativity, high-definition multi-angle vision and large-area interaction and other functions, is more and more favored by advertisers and audiences, and its radiation range gradually expands from the first - and second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen to the third - and fourth-tier cities. There is no doubt that the outdoor led display advertising media market has become the current led display enterprise blue sea market, especially a variety of new technology, new creative changes, bring more possibilities for it, and when the outdoor led display screen hit advertising people's "fantastic ideas", is really amazing!

One, energy saving from this moment, a digital billboard automatically power

To raise awareness, JWT has commissioned a digital billboard in London featuring a simple circuit diagram and a Kit Kat chocolate-style switch. When the clock struck 8:30, the Kit Kat on the circuit was suddenly broken into two pieces, and the power of the poster was turned off. Timed to coincide with the lights on the tower bridge, the perfect alignment gives the illusion that it has turned off the bridge's power.

Two, the menu icon into the weather forecast on the led large screen

McDonald's, which prefers outdoor advertising, has recently stepped up its efforts to bring new life to the vagaries of the weather by using real-time weather bureau data on leds. An unwrapped hamburger means the sun, sunny and fine. And an order of French fries means rain, remember to take an umbrella; French fries with tomato juice were a vivid indication of temperature; Smoking coffee is naturally cloudy. Eight different ICONS were designed to show the weather in April.

Third, digital blessing, communication more flexible

With the successful large-scale laying of digital outdoor network, the continuous breakthrough of led display technology, and the addition of new methods and technologies such as live broadcasting, multi-screen joint broadcasting, screen packaging and interaction, etc., it flexibly meets the multi-dimensional demands of outdoor large screen and makes up for the monotonous and simple operation of conventional outdoor media appeals.

Four, can touch small spacing LED, interactive experience is better

Not only that, the current many screen companies outdoor display products also began to tend to interactive technology. Recently, screen enterprises in the industry launched the COB small spacing LED system that can be touched and written. It USES the infrared scanning multi-point technology to achieve multi-point smooth touch effect, and can customize the effective touch area according to the actual needs of users, opening a new experience of "human-computer interaction" in the field of large screen.

Outdoor advertising has already crossed an era of one-way communication. How to make the audience become part of the interaction has been the theme of current development and research of outdoor LED advertising, as well as the direction of LED display enterprise technology, products and solution innovation. In terms of content communication, flexible creativity and diversified innovation methods may become the mainstream development direction of LED in the future.

At present, the outdoor LED screen is in the wind of development, and we should seize this historical opportunity. We hope that the outdoor LED screen can become a beautiful landscape and a symbol of urban culture, and even a key node of urban cultural inheritance, rather than a stumbling block.