LED Glass Screen Has Entered A Mature And Rapid Development Period, What Is The Way Of LED Light Bar Screen?

- Jul 22, 2019-

With the progress and development of display technology, people's pursuit for visual experience is getting higher and higher, which also promotes the continuous innovation of LED display screen in form and display form, and LED glass screen comes into being. LED glass screen as a rising star LED display industry with its new display mode, light scent of appearance design, high-end atmospheric science and technology, superior performance, fully in glass curtain wall, stage stage shows, outdoor advertising, and the application of new retail areas such as like a duck to water, with strong attitude into the our field of vision, quickly occupied a place in the LED display industry.

The market value of LED glass screens is estimated to be about $87.2 billion by 2025, according to industry estimates. As a market segment of LED display, LED glass display brings people unprecedented visual experience, brand new application form and design concept close to the public demand, which greatly enriches the variety of LED display products and display methods, and provides customers with more choices and possibilities.

From shop Windows to new retail, LED glass screens continue to innovate

Along with the flood of outdoor advertising LED display comes a series of negative problems, including the city image problem. LED display at work can indeed rise to urban surroundings, release the function of information, but when I was in the "rest" was like a "scar," the city is incompatible with the surrounding environment, greatly influenced the city beautiful, along with "consolidation" of city appearance and the influence of national policy, your early 2017 LED glass screen, LED glass product rapid rise. In order to build a new city image, more and more LED glass screens appear in every corner of the city, including commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S stores, shop Windows and other places with glass. At the same time, indoor LED glass screen is not to be outdone. With the steady maturity of technology, high-end commercial display, high-tech field, even digital dance and other fields are all existing markets of LED glass screen. In addition, in the application of the new retail scene, LED glass screen has a novel and unique display effect. The screen is suspended over the glass curtain wall, saving more than 30% energy than the conventional LED display, greatly reducing light pollution and energy consumption, and opening up a new way to play with new retail.

In addition to the application scenario constantly blaze new trails, the LED glass screen with incomparable advantage is the traditional outdoor LED display, LED glass screen not only has all the advantages of the integrated with conventional outdoor LED display, and maximally eliminate the city beautiful problem, it is installed behind the glass curtain wall, more even when not working during the day, also won't be any impact on the surrounding environment. At the same time, because it takes a new form of indoor advertising and outdoor communication, it can avoid the approval of outdoor advertising. Thus in the market has won everyone's unanimous recognition, has been widely concerned and hot.

The new advantage overturns the traditional LED light bar screen

, in fact, according to the "degress" article LED lights the screen can be referred to as the "mother of the glass screen, was among the first to be developed and up-and-coming segmentation in the field of outdoor advertising products, one of the glass screen is in the article LED lights LED screen on the basis of the innovation of products, but as the" mother of the glass of the LED screen, LED glass screen to shine today, gradually the embarrassment, article LED lights the screen traditional application scenario is LED glass screen continuously eroded and annexation, technology application innovation slow, no big breakthrough scene is an important reason.

Although LED strip screens first appeared in landmark buildings in the early years, their outdoor application market has not been further developed in recent years, and manufacturers have made few achievements in product innovation. Moreover, compared with LED glass screen, LED light bar screen has many limitations. For example, in terms of penetration rate, LED strip screen is far less than LED glass screen, and its installation environment requirements are relatively strict, the service life of 2-3 years, far shorter than LED glass screen. In addition, as outdoor advertising LED display, it has been exposed to wind and sun for a long time, and its tolerance has become an important factor to test this kind of products. However, the open structure makes it difficult to be as convincing as box-type LED display in waterproof and dustproof performance, which undoubtedly limits the wide application of LED display. Sacrifice for distance and get hollow out features of the LED screen, articulation is also its unable to overcome congenital inadequacy, this also means that the outdoor close applications article LED lights the screen was destined to difficult to set foot on all this outstanding advantage, make the LED glass screen instantly beyond article lamp screen, glass and other application fields become the preferred products.

How to develop LED light bar under fierce competition

Although article LED lights the screen already far less than in previous years for the development of popular, failed to achieve obvious advantages in the field of outdoor display, but does not mean no chance, if the enterprise can be in such a situation, to persist, according to the application scenario for increasing research and development, constantly seek breakthrough in technical aspect, to have the opportunity to let the LED screen with renewed vigor. On the one hand, LED light bar screen should make efforts in application scene innovation, combining with the characteristics of glass curtain wall, stage stage design, outdoor advertising and new retail. As the user, on the other hand, more and more high to the requirement of display products, light the screen has become an inevitable trend, but due to the large LED screen area, steel structure and the original structure of screen body is a big challenge, article LED lights the screen manufacturers must also be in the product appearance and external form, such as volume, weight of efforts, products light box body design, effectively reduce the building load, at the same time, increase the rate of article LED lights the screen appear, makes the product more secure and more beautiful.

According to the data, the market share of outdoor advertising display is expected to grow to 24% globally by 2021. According to CTR's latest advertising spending statistics, China's outdoor advertising spending reached 13.675 billion yuan in the first half of 2018, up 23% year-on-year, leading the growth of TV, newspapers and other media. Although at present, LED light bar screen is occupied by LED glass screen in most of the market, with the continuous expansion of outdoor advertising market, even if LED light bar screen cannot become the leading role in outdoor display field, it is believed that LED light bar screen will surely usher in a larger market.

LED glass screen, as an innovative product in LED display industry, can be said to be a black horse in LED display market segment. Its emergence has brought many inspirations to the LED display industry. Only by continuous innovation and progress, can enterprises survive and grow, gain a firm foothold in the industry, and usher in the possibility of spring. And constantly being LED glass screen erosion and annexation of the LED light bar screen, if you want to gain more market share, requires enterprises and companies to do more efforts to improve the performance of the product, keep on innovating and more application scenario for education market, make our products gain wider market recognition, and in the outdoor showed a foothold in the fierce market competition.