LED Outdoor Displays Subvert Traditional Design Under The Boom Of Smart Cities

- Jul 29, 2019-

As we all know, the outdoor advertising market now occupies half of LED display applications. In 2016, the market size of China's outdoor advertising industry was as high as 117.4 billion yuan, accounting for 18 percent of the advertising market size of 648.9 billion yuan. 09%. Faced with such a huge market, many LED display enterprises have invested in the production of LED outdoor display. Compared with the previous single traditional advertising mode, LED outdoor display screen integrates high definition multi-angle vision, natural and delicate color, strong visual impact and other modern high-tech, fully meeting the technical requirements of modern advertising scene application and users' viewing requirements.

However, the disadvantages of light pollution, high energy consumption and electromagnetic radiation pollution are also obvious in the use of LED outdoor display screens. In the face of the LED outdoor display disassembly and renovation activities, outdoor advertising operators and LED display manufacturers should take positive measures to deal with this phenomenon.

How should LED screen manufacturers and advertising operators turn the tide after the demolition and renovation activities launched by many local governments?

Digital outdoor LED, as a new media communication mode, has shown extraordinary outdoor communication power since it entered the Chinese market in 2005. The continuous innovation of LED outdoor display scene application mode gradually covers the central business district of the city, adding a lot of beautiful scenery to the city life, showing the trend of vigorous development. However, during its rapid development, LED outdoor displays have encountered many problems. In the face of recent years, many places have carried out outdoor advertising campaign, many illegal LED outdoor display naturally included.

Recently, more than 1,200 illegal LED outdoor displays in taicang were removed. It is said that illegal LED outdoor display has affected the appearance of taicang city to some extent. At the same time, LED display has been rusted due to its long service life, and there are big safety risks. In order to avoid pedestrian and vehicle injuries, taicang city chengguan law enforcement brigade has carried out a special crackdown on illegal LED display. Coincidentally, after more than 10 days of demolition construction, the largest illegal LED electronic advertising screen in jinan city was removed according to law. It is understood that this large screen is located in quancheng road business circle, facing quancheng square, north is quancheng road, inlaid in a building roof, the area is fully 560 square meters.

LED outdoor display screen is dismantled, the need to clean up the city appearance is the main reason. LED outdoor display screen, with its advantages of flexible operation, seamless splicing, vivid color and various playing forms, has swept the outdoor advertising market with a lightning speed and is favored by many advertising operators. However, in the process of setting up LED outdoor display screens, there is a lack of scientific regulation and management. On the market, there are numerous street LED outdoor display screens, which bring great influence to the city. At the same time, LED display screen due to its own strong luminescence characteristics, bring a certain degree of visual pollution to the city is also a popular complaint in the poll. With the enhancement of public awareness of environmental protection, "light pollution" has been gradually paid attention to. The strong luminescence of LED outdoor display screen has caused invisible harm to the surrounding residents, which is also an important reason for removing LED outdoor display screen in some areas.

In addition, urban planning management personnel do not pay attention to the LED outdoor display screen in the installation planning management of the approval work, is also one of the reasons for LED outdoor display screen demolition renovation. LED display installation for examination and approval of quality will directly determine the level of urban management, for the city's shape, size and a decisive role in the development prospect and so on, for should not be installed outdoor LED display screen area of urban planning management to keep the bottom line, can't let outdoor advertising operators have an opportunity, even if the current installed, the late because of do not conform to the standards of LED display screen have to dismantle, this period cause problems more complicated. In addition, the audit management of the government management department has been improved, but there are still many LED outdoor display screen "know the law and break the law", do not go through the legal approval process, product specifications and installation location do not meet the requirements of approval and permit, belong to the illegal buildings. Once the display screen collapses, it will seriously affect the personal safety of pedestrians, but also to the passing cars and drivers to bring danger, which exists in the safety of the relevant government agencies are also a headache.

Nowadays, in the face of the removal and renovation of LED outdoor display screens on the market, LED display manufacturers, as the creators of LED outdoor display screens, should apply an automatic adjusting brightness system to solve the problem of "light pollution", and detect the ambient brightness through the outdoor brightness acquisition system, so as to automatically convert the broadcast brightness suitable for the environment. Automatic gray correction technology is adopted, and 14bit color display level is used to improve color hardness and avoid users' uncomfortable feeling of light. At the same time, advertising operators as brand advertising planners, on the eve of product placement should do a comprehensive product placement planning. The precise delivery of LED outdoor advertising is an important factor affecting the feedback of its delivery effect. In addition, in order to enhance the effect of outdoor advertising, LED display manufacturers should strengthen the communication with advertising operators, in-depth understanding of customer demand in the market, according to the market demand to develop corresponding products. LED outdoor advertising operators can plan advertising marketing programs that can catch users' eyes according to the existing display technology. The two can cooperate with each other to achieve win-win communication purposes.

Admittedly, due to the policy rectification, the development of outdoor advertising market is full of setbacks, Beijing skyline rectification action, but also on the LED outdoor display market has a far-reaching impact. However, with the increasing boom of Internet of things and cloud computing in China, the construction of smart cities is surging. With the support of national policies, the demand scale of smart cities has increased significantly. It is estimated that by 2022, the overall demand scale of smart cities in China will exceed 3 trillion yuan, up to 3.2402 trillion yuan, with huge market potential.

In the construction of smart city, landscape display is undoubtedly an important link. The application of LED display is indispensable to the construction of smart community and city landmarks. LED outdoor display screen in addition to its own display function, also plays an important carrier to embellish the appearance of the city and add urban charm. Therefore, LED transparent screen, LED lamp pole screen and LED creative shaped screen and other new display technology came into being.

LED transparent screen is transparent and beautiful. In the commercial market, LED transparent screen is becoming popular. With transparent, light and thin, installation, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc., it is widely favored by the market and plays an irreplaceable role in the landscape display field of China's big cities. In addition, LED lamp holder screen not only to the road lighting, but also integrated screen display, environmental monitoring, mobile phone charging, voice broadcasting, WIFI, and camera in a number of functions, at the same time can play convenient services and other information, to achieve business value and people's livelihood service function. Relying on the general trend of smart city construction in various places, smart city construction undoubtedly creates opportunities for LED lamp pole screen explosion.

In addition, with the promotion of smart city construction, the development of AI, VR and other new technologies has brought new opportunities to the LED outdoor display screen market. At present, LED outdoor display is in the development gap, LED screen enterprises should firmly grasp the historical opportunity, in product development and production should be strengthened. First of all, on the premise of ensuring product quality, increase investment in science and technology, reduce production cost, make the price of LED display more friendly to the people and move towards "popularization", everyone can afford it. Secondly, the display mode of the display screen control system should be more diversified and more flexible. The Internet should be used to control the display mode and remote control other functions, making the use of the display screen more convenient. Finally, it should be more flexible for the attachment of the load bearing of LED display screen in different forms, not limited to the form of wall and window. The installation point of LED outdoor display screen can be directly installed anytime and anywhere as long as there is space.

LED outdoor display towards the development of lower cost, lightweight, operating system more possibilities, is the largest expectation of LED screen enterprises and industry media operators. It is hoped that LED outdoor display can become a beautiful landscape and landmark buildings in the city, and even a key node of urban cultural inheritance. LED screen enterprises can only take a place in the market if they follow the trend of market development, meet the needs of users and develop products that meet the needs of the market.