LED Screen Enterprises To Occupy The Display Market

- Jul 03, 2019-

In recent years, with the iterative upgrading of LED display application products, the shuffling speed in the industry is gradually accelerating, and the production capacity is rapidly approaching to enterprises with technological advantages and scale advantages in the industry. With the expansion of leading enterprises, the competition space in the industry has been narrowed and the competition has become more intense. In the past 20 or 30 years, LED products have experienced a long period of low price competition. As competition returns to rationality and the end market demands higher product quality, the development concept of LED screen enterprises has changed from the traditional "low price and quantity" to "service and product pay equal attention".

Although the capacity of the high-quality display market is not as high as the conventional LED display market, the high-quality LED display products usually have the characteristics of high gross profit. In addition to the national policy support, market demand expansion and other factors, the high-quality LED display market has become the focus of many enterprises in the industry.

International market expansion brings opportunities for domestic enterprises

More than 80 percent of the global LED display market share is Shared by leading Chinese enterprises. This means that for Chinese LED screen enterprises, overseas market is a heavy target market. Compared with the domestic market, some overseas markets, especially developed countries, attach great importance to the quality of products and the environmental protection behind, and at the same time, they are more insensitive to the price. That means bigger profits overseas.

In recent years, the number of international economic events, music festivals, summits and other activities increased year by year, which LED to the growth of LED display market. These events often have higher requirements on the quality of LED display and related products.

Currently, the overseas market has formed three major battlefields represented by small space, outdoor rental and traditional advertising market. Both the construction of smart cities and the policy promotion of brics countries have contributed a lot to the export of China's LED display industry.

Small spacing LED products lead the way

Small spacing LED products are the layout of large screen enterprises, fierce competition in the field. Its application scenarios are very wide, including: security monitoring, conference system, education, public display and so on. Among them, commercial display and public display occupied the small spacing LED display market share of nearly 70%.

With the promotion of safe city, smart city and other projects, the demand for high-quality customized display projects applied in traffic center, security center, command center and other scenes is increasing year by year. At the same time, with the comprehensive intelligent transformation of traditional security, visualization has increasingly become the focus of the industry, and large-screen, splicing screen has become the mainstream display terminal.

Compared with other display products, small spacing of LED display screen significant advantage is more outstanding, not only can realize seamless splicing, and flexible installation way, screen body thickness thin, high brightness, low energy consumption, lower operational costs, late so quickly occupied the represented by traffic command and control of indoor domestic market in the field of application.

In addition, the promotion of smart city also speeds up the construction of smart traffic and smart community information display system, so as to greatly promote the growth of market share of segmented LED display screens such as traffic induction screen, smart light pole screen and expressway information indicator.

LED screen enterprises need to upgrade to face the high quality market demand

Under the tide of LED screen industry upgrading, the high quality market will become bigger and bigger. No matter from the perspective of market demand or net profit space, the high quality market will definitely become the gold mining ground for LED screen enterprises. However, for most LED screen enterprises that transform from the low-end market to the high-quality market, the complexity and changeability of the high-quality consumer market have already exceeded their expected preparation, resulting in the symptoms of "acclimation to the new environment" and "loss of wife and loss of soldiers".

For many LED screen enterprises, high quality market equals high price. As long as the research and development cost is increased and the product quality is improved, they can survive in this market very well. In fact, the real high quality market cannot only sell prices and products, but also needs to redefine the population of high quality customers, so as to better sell services and deliver ideas to the market, and achieve the practical docking of product technical innovation, marketing service and service innovation with user needs, so as to transform high price into high value. At the same time, it should also be clear that high-quality transformation is a long-term and systematic project, which cannot be solved by burning money in a short period of time. Through intensive farming, continuous investment and "moistening things silently", the definition ability of products should be cultivated, and the user awareness of the brand should be enhanced. In addition, in the current market of high quality LED display, LED display enterprises should have deep contact with the market and understand the real demand of the market.