LED Small Space Display Quickly Leverages The Digital Cinema Projection Market?

- Jul 22, 2019-

In 2018, samsung electronics, together with wanda film, harman (China) and other cooperative enterprises, respectively opened two LED screening halls in Shanghai and Beijing, officially declaring that LED display screen officially entered the cinema system. The first LED film screen broke the monopoly of projection, which can be said to be the beginning of a new era of film display technology. Since then, the related topic of "whether LED display screens will end the era of projection" continues to be hot, which has greatly aroused the attention and discussion of industry insiders. At the same time, the film market equipment market is increasing by 5-10 billion annually, which is already a "tempting" market for LED display manufacturers.

Opening a new era of movie watching and entering the 10 billion cinema market

According to data released by the state film administration on December 31, 2018, the total box office of Chinese films in 2018 reached 60.976 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 9.06%. Correspondingly, as the most important core component of the cinema system, the growth of screens is even more amazing. That number is still climbing, and the increase in screens has given China the hardware to become the world's largest movie market.

The development of film and television industry brings more opportunities for film and television investment, and promotes the progress of screening technology and upgrading of equipment. In terms of technology, the traditional projection technology has been monopolizing the cinema market in the past. Since large manufacturers launched laser projectors suitable for all kinds of cinemas, high-end film projection technology has turned to the trend of laser type. However, it is still the innovation of projection technology in essence. There is no emerging display technology that can grab a share of this huge market. However, the emergence of LED screen projection hall undoubtedly breaks the current situation and gives many domestic LED display enterprises the courage to enter the cinema market. After the rapid development of China's LED display industry in recent years, the products are relatively mature, the development of each application scene has entered a plateau, the competition has also become white-hot, the concentration ratio is getting higher and higher, facing such a new application scene, many enterprises have seen another huge high-end display market.

LED display technology is changing rapidly in the future

From a technical perspective, the broadcast equipment most for conventional cinema projection technology, because of the projection system using reflection imaging principle, casting light on the screen around the center and the distance is not the same, and the projection tube, three colors light source location is difference in the characteristic causes projection screen is easy to small amount of defocusing and color edge pixels. In addition, the white screen is used to reduce the contrast of the screen.

In contrast, the advantages of LED film screen is very obvious. LED movie screen has larger screen width, ultra-clear 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160) and peak brightness (146fL) 10 times higher than traditional projection equipment. Compared with traditional projection technology, LED movie screen integrates high dynamic range imaging (HDR) technology to achieve more realistic picture quality. It is also able to present bright colors to the audience at peak brightness with perfect color accuracy (daci-p3 gambit).

China's LED display enterprises with "small space", in the field of business development and expansion, the current achievements. For LED products are sold all over the world, provides around 90% of the world's LED display screen enterprises in China, from this year to open in two of the show we can see a lot of enterprises have already started in show their P0.9 products, LED display the current small spacing has achieved 4 k, 8 k, cinema market, at least in terms of resolution is not a problem. And with the state ministry of industry and information technology, the state administration of radio, television, the central radio and television reception desk recently jointly issued by the high-definition video industry development action plan (2019-2022) ", "action plan" to specifically in accordance with the "8 k 4 k first, give attention to two or morethings" general technical route, vigorously promote the development of ultra clear video industry and related fields of application, high-definition display will also be the development direction of the mainstream in the future. With the mature technology and the launch of national policies, LED display enterprises are full of expectations to enter the digital cinema market, which also provides a good opportunity for LED display industry to enter the high-end display market.

It's too early to end the era of projection LED displays

A huge emerging market is undoubtedly a pet market, and the booming development of the cinema market, let the LED display industry see a bigger business opportunity. However, we cannot ignore the fact that none of the LED display screens in China have narrowly failed the DCI certification. In the final analysis, there are still some application problems need to be solved.

First of all, whether using LED display or projection display, for theater operators, profit maximization is their ultimate pursuit. From a cost point of view, LED display belongs to the spontaneous light equipment, in limited space, need to install a sufficient number of LED lamp bead, the requirement for the installation process is very high, need to spend more cost, moreover, although the life of the LED lamp bead can reach more than 10 hours, but because of its high density, inside limited space heat dissipation is difficult, partial failure can occur easily. In the face of such a behemoth, maintenance and overhaul is not a simple thing, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources; Moreover, the LED display is prone to vertigo when watching for a long time, and the experience effect is not in the best state. As a result, it becomes difficult to enter the cinema market with small spacing of LED display. Because of these problems, most LED display enterprises in the industry can only "feel hopeless" in the cinema market.

LED display move relative to the current samsung choose digital cinema market, other mainstream digital projector with a laser projector is more supplier selection, layout of laser projection techniques unique to high brightness, wide color gamut, low attenuation, long life and other characteristics make its massive popularity in the theater, so as the LED screen, to large scale digital cinema market, in addition to resolve product technical problems to be solved at present, and also need in the competition, understand the advantage of its main equipment and product features can achieve precise cuts. The emergence of a new application scenario, only we do in-depth understanding can create their own opportunities.

To sum up, only by overcoming these difficulties can LED display screens enter the cinema market in a big way in the future and lead to a larger civil market. Samsung's LED movie screen has just entered the market in a pioneering way, breaking the position of traditional projection technology in the cinema market in the global film market and playing a leading role for LED display to enter the cinema system and enter the cinema market. At present, it is difficult to enter cinemas with small space displays, but Chinese LED display enterprises are not completely out of the possibility of entering cinemas. In terms of display screen, LED display screen has huge technical advantages over projection screen. As long as efforts are made to solve the problems of heat dissipation, maintenance, experience effect and gradually reduce cost, LED display screen will enter the cinema market in an all-round way.