LED Stage Rental Screen In Hot Demand, Where Is The Way?

- Jun 20, 2019-

Since the stage rental screen entered the market, it has experienced a long start. The first turning point of the industry was that after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games because of the opening scroll scene application, the stage rental screen in the industry fire, its application scene scope was greatly widened. Under the favorable situation of the industry, LED stage rental screen was affected by the thrift policy, and the whole industry fell into a downturn. It took several years to eliminate a number of rental screen companies.

In the past two years, due to the rapid development of entertainment industry in China, the improvement of people's spiritual needs, and the outbreak of small space display screen, the stage rental screen industry demand has been greatly improved, the industry to change the past flagging situation, showing vitality. In order to meet the increasingly high requirements of audiences and performance companies on stage rental screens, the industry keeps bringing forth new products, such as vertically derived small-spacing display screens and a series of new products for the stage. The horizontal market spreads from first-tier cities to second-third-tier towns, arousing the development trend of the industry comprehensively.

Function and use of different technology requirements

Compared with other display screens, the stage rental screen is different from the function and use of different, relatively high technological requirements. Because the stage rental screen needs to be installed and removed frequently, it is not fixed, so the rental screen has the characteristics of quick installation and disassembly, light box body and so on, convenient installation and disassembly. At the same time, the stage rental screen is often equipped with different vehicles, and collision in transportation engineering should avoid collision damage. Therefore, the stage rental screen should have certain damage resistance, reduce the damage of electronic components, and ensure the normal use of the display function. In addition, the maintenance of the rental screen is not simple. Due to different application scenarios, the daily maintenance of the stage rental screen will also change. Stage coastal, stage rental screen need to strengthen the prevention of fog and salt moisture-proof; The stage is located in the inland, so it is necessary to strengthen anti-corrosion, waterproof and sun protection to reduce the loss of stage rental screen.

With the continued popularity of domestic idol industry, the stage rental screen market will continue to increase in the future. It can be predicted that more and more enterprises will join the stage rental screen queue in the future. If you want to get a piece of this big pie, stage rental screen enterprises must rely on local policies, stay ahead of the demand, innovate technology, and continue to develop.

Policy strong support, ultra - hd display will be the trend

Ministry of industry and information technology, state administration of radio, television, the central radio and television reception desk have jointly issued the high-definition video industry development action plan (2019-2022) "(hereinafter referred to as" action plan ") pointed out: in 2022, 4 k industry ecological system perfect, basic 8 k key technology product development and industrialization of a breakthrough, forming technology, products, services, and the application of coordinated development pattern. Good supporting policies are spreading from face to point. At the 2019 world uhd video (4K / 8K) industry development conference, 8 provinces and cities of China jointly issued uhd video industry development policies to vigorously support the development of uhd video industry in their localities.

As can be seen from the great support of the state and other places, the state attaches great importance to the ultra-hd video industry, which means that ultra-hd rental screen becomes the next tuyway of LED display. The opportunity is coming, and with it, the high demand for ultra hd display processing on rental screens. 4K hd stage rental screen, means that the space between the lamp beads is shorter, luminous more transparent, video processing to be more clear and delicate, color to be more saturated natural, rental screen enterprise technical innovation, it is imperative.

The future domestic 4 trillion ultra hd video market, urges the display industry to the higher definition more detailed color more full technical development. If stage rental screen enterprises are willing to enter the market, they need to adjust their development strategies, focus on developing technologies such as IC, chip and the best lighting source supporting 4K technology, and take the lead in achieving technical convergence, so as to obtain the qualification to enter the market and share industrial dividends.

Further research and development of special-shaped screen to meet the increasing creative demand for the stage

The creative construction of stage rental screen can bring the audience the most direct visual impact and leave a deep impact. In the market, a variety of special-shaped screens have been derived, and through combination with other LED displays, creative stages of different forms have been constructed. Domestic and foreign performance stages have begun to gradually develop towards creative stages.

However, despite the development of the creative stage, the market is still vacant, who can take the lead in deploying the irregular screen, the market share in the future can occupy a place. Moreover, the formation of creative stage style is not stick to one pattern, enterprises can be based on a variety of themes, the maximum imagination of the research and development, as soon as possible to play the name of creative alien screen. Due to the various forms of rented screens for stage construction, enterprises can start from traditional rented screens, emerging transparent screens, sky screens and floor tile screens to carry out in-depth research and development of LED shaped screens. Enterprises in fear of the existing business at the same time, we need to deepen research and development in multiple directions, promote enterprise development to a new height.

Market horizontal development, ushered in a new round of "old for new" boom

In the past, the stage rental screen market was mainly in the first-tier cities, while the second and third-tier cities used the "old products" eliminated from the first-tier cities, which belonged to the secondary market, so it was difficult for LED screen enterprises to open the market. Nowadays, with the improvement of China's economic level, the LED display screen market has been spreading horizontally to the second, third and fourth tier cities. With the application scenes such as wedding scenes and literary performances, the demand for new products of rented screen has been increasing rapidly, gradually driving the old product rental screen out of the market. Rental screen will usher in a new round of "old for new" boom. Competition is fierce in the first-tier cities, and the rental screen enterprises can locate in the second and third-tier cities, seize the new product market of the rental screen, and develop steadily. Once the market is opened up, it is comparable in size to first-tier cities.


In the domestic LED display development dilemma, LED stage rental screen is the first to break through. Although the market demand is strong, it does not mean that LED stage rental screen can rest easy. The national policy urges the technical innovation, people's demand for higher definition of display screen, and promotes the industry's development. LED stage rental screen enterprises need to accelerate the pace, seize the first opportunity in the second, third and fourth line market, develop the creative irregular screen market, increase the research and development of technology, and seek the comprehensive development of both enterprises and LED stage rental screen.