LED Video Display Market Gold Mine

- May 13, 2020-

The LED video display industry that has shifted from incremental competition to stock competition. For many manufacturers, the core of activating the stock market is to wake up old users who have been "sleeping" on their customer lists for many years ...

The operation of old users has always been the direction that LED video display manufacturers should strive to break through. First, according to the business rules that have been deposited for many years, the cost of activating old users is lower than that of developing new users; second, once the old users are activated, they can further strengthen the loyalty of the old users to the brand and help companies obtain more future markets .

However, various signs indicate that the activation rate of most LED video display manufacturers for old customers is still low, which is also deeply affected by the legacy of the industry. Why do you say that? In the past, the LED display industry market was relatively large. In the eyes of many home appliance manufacturers, the first thing they saw was not the needs of users, but the strength of their opponents, the quality of the market, so much that they neglected what users really want. This can be reflected in a more intense price war than before, because the neglect of user needs has caused many crises such as homogenization of products and the proliferation of inferior products in the market.

In recent years, with the increasingly severe industrial competition situation, the end consumer demand has continued to upgrade and weaken, and the difficulty of expanding new markets has increased significantly. Under this background, activating old users has become the focus of competition for many screen companies.

As we all know, LED video display are professional-grade electronic products, and their installation and after-sales require certain technicality. However, one fact that makes the industry feel helpless is that our after-sales service is far behind the market demand, and many customer complaints cannot be effectively resolved, which highlights the weakness of the LED display industry in the market operation and competition process And short board.

Over the years, a large number of LED video display companies have always said that they must seize the pain points of users to innovate, but many screen companies have not solved the pain points of their own business processes, such as quality, safety, price, counterfeiting and other old development issues. Crack the user's product pain points? Especially in the face of the old users who have a certain understanding of screen enterprise products and services, in the current industry and market environment, prices or sales tactics often cannot impress them, only to truly restructure products and services around their needs Only then has the opportunity to restore their hearts.

It can be seen that in China's LED video display industry, which has entered the era of stocks, old users are the "gold mine" of future manufacturers. How to activate old users is really not a simple black technology new product, nor a slogan of user-centricity, but we are based on users around the product life cycle, continue to improve and supplement our quality, service, publicity, price , Commitments and other aspects of the ramification and improvement.

In addressing the needs of old users and solving the pain points, each home appliance manufacturer needs to be more attentive and ingenious!