Naked Eye 3D LED Display, Are You Ok?

- Jun 25, 2019-

On June 19th, the new naked-eye 3D LED display on the Seoul Railway Station, the novel display mode, attracted the rush of passengers to stop, and raised their mobile phones to take pictures, which proves that the audience is still fresh on the naked-eye 3DLED display. However, the naked-eye 3D LED display technology has been launched as early as 2012. After 7 years of low-key development, the market awareness is still not popular, and the industry's technological development is difficult to break through, resulting in the delay of the industry system. Can't help but ask: naked eye 3D LED display, are you okay?

The industrial chain has not yet formed, fighting the enthusiasm of manufacturers

The naked-eye 3D LED display is a stereoscopic 3D effect on the screen that can be viewed by the naked eye without wearing professional glasses. Because of its special display mode, it was a sensation when it was introduced to the market. Due to the market's enthusiasm, the naked-eye 3D technology quickly broke through the visual limitations of 8 viewpoints, and then the naked-eye 3D LED display technology, no breakthrough progress, the overall industry can be said to be quiet, full-dimensional vision is still a difficult problem in the industry. What is the reason? In the final analysis, because its market awareness is too low, the market capacity is very limited, and it is difficult to form a corresponding industrial chain. Even if the company develops new products, there is no market in the industry that can consume its products, which leads to waste of research and development funds, which seriously attacks the enthusiasm of manufacturers. More deadly, the price of the naked-eye 3D display is high, which can be tolerated by non-general end users, which further narrows the scope of application scenarios. Moreover, the cost of naked eye 3D research and development is not low, the enterprise has the ability to research and develop, and it is unable to bear the risk of long-term return. Therefore, most enterprises have turned to invest in other segments of the future, which will enable the development of naked-eye 3D display industry. More difficult.

Immersive visual presentation may be another window of the naked-eye 3D display

Throughout the various subdivisions of LED displays, all types of displays have their own clear application scene positioning. For example, the small-pitch display is suitable for indoor applications such as conferences and command centers; the transparent screen is suitable for outdoor advertising and glass film screens, and the corresponding technology is deeply cultivated according to its clear positioning, which promotes the widening of application scenarios and further promotes Research and development of industrial products. There are always exceptions to everything. Compared with other display screens, the naked-eye 3D display has a blurred application scene, and the corresponding technology cannot be bypassed, which makes the industry develop very slowly.

Although the 3D display is not as good as the various subdivision displays in the conventional application, in the application of the stage, as the visual presentation technology becomes more and more mature, it can highlight the display mode of the naked-eye 3D display. Make a big splash. The unique display mode of the naked-eye 3D display can create a sense of spatial dimension, combined with the stage lighting, to create an immersive light and shadow feast, bringing a strong visual impact to the audience. In addition, the demand for cultural performances in various places has been rising in recent years, and the immersive visual presentation stage is expected in the future. The naked-eye 3D display enterprises may start from the stage of the dance stage and seek breakthroughs in the application of naked-eye 3D LED display to promote the qualitative leap of industry technology. .


Of course, the application scene of the naked-eye 3D display has more than one breakthrough. In the future, it can also realize the two-way interactive intelligent display by combining AR, VR and holographic technology. However, starting from reality, it is more practical to apply to the stage of dancing, and the daily application is not suitable. It is also a good idea to take a high-end customized route. In addition, various interactive pavilions and theaters with naked-eye 3D displays have already been applied, and the application technology is relatively mature. Therefore, it is also possible to walk out of a sunny avenue by deeply cultivating interactive pavilions and theaters.