New Car LED Display

- Aug 27, 2019-

For the impression of the car LED display, most people's cognition is also the top display of the taxi, or the bus tail advertising display and advertising vehicles, etc. The main function is to use the characteristics of these vehicles to run the city, to achieve the full advertising The effect of city communication. Purchasing is based on company procurement, and few individual consumers buy it. Recently, a smart car LED display called Mojipic (hereinafter referred to as Mojipic) appeared in the United States. In addition to advertising, there are other interesting uses in daily driving, highlighting its intelligence, personalization, and entering ordinary people. The characteristics of the home have attracted the attention and love of investors and end users. It is also possible to foresee the smart car LED display, which is the trend of the car display in the future.

Intelligent and interesting car LED display, enter the home of ordinary people

Although people expect LED display to be widely used, it is difficult for LED screen companies to spy on the huge market of people because of the high price and not much application in ordinary life. However, it is difficult to peek into the market. The Mojipic smart car LED display is the first step to popularize its use with the advantages of easy operation and installation. Mojipic mainly controls the display content by mobile phone application. It can load 1500+ patterns and animations. It can also design patterns and texts independently. You can choose different patterns to express your ideas in different scenes. If driving is not convenient, you can Apple Siri and Google Assistant work together to display content via voice control. Mojipic is easier to install, because the Mojipic is small, just fix the bracket to the rear of the car or the glass on both sides with two suction cups, put the screen into the slot, freely adjust the angle, you can use it; you can even install it. In the back seat of the car, controlled by mobile phone software, become a simple Tetris game console

Mojipic is quite close to the people in terms of operation and installation. The technical content is low, and the general public can install and use it independently. This feature has been promoted to the general public users, open the people's market, and play a role in fueling the situation.

New product limitations will become an opportunity for China's automotive LED screen enterprises

Mojipic as a new product, its technology and products have not been perfected, there are limitations, although the patent is abroad, LED technology leadership is China's advantage, so the limitation of the acquisition will become an opportunity for China's car LED display enterprises. The small size of Mojipic, although convenient for people to install and disassemble, also limits its display content. Because of its small size, Mojipic can only present one picture or a short word at a time, and cannot express more content. With the widespread use of Mojipic, the demand for more content will increase, and more content will require a larger area of the screen to carry. Therefore, the large-size smart car LED display will become a car LED screen enterprise. Breaking the breakthrough of the industry's current situation.

From the existing data, Mojipic has a large dot pitch, and the graininess at close range is obvious, and the viewing experience is not good. Mojipic's limitations in viewing experience will also open up the space for car LED display companies. The small-pitch LED display, with small dot pitch, high resolution, high definition, and more saturated color, can effectively improve the viewing experience of Mojipic. Moreover, the small-pitch LED display has no gaps, which can change the size of the smart car display, and can provide users with personalized car LED display.

In addition, car LED display companies can also learn from its form. According to the transparent characteristics of the window glass, the application of the transparent screen features in the on-board LED display, while ensuring the viewing experience, the light inside the car is not blocked, and the transparent screen is fully utilized to open the transparent screen in the car LED display. A new world in terms of.


The emergence of new products has injected a vitality into the development of the automotive LED display industry, and provides new ideas for the development of automotive display companies. The involvement of the car LED display enterprise can promote the maturity of the smart car LED display technology, improve the product, and promote the development of the car LED display to another stage. At the same time, due to the convenience of Mojipic operation, installation, and the wide range of scene applications, it has taken a historic step to push the car LED display to ordinary people.