Outdoor Advertising Displays Another Vitality

- Aug 19, 2019-

Recently, some Hong Kong independence extremists have taken the lead in disrupting public order in Hong Kong, leading to the instability in Hong Kong, which has become increasingly serious. Therefore, on the evening of July 26, a huge five-starred red flag was lit on the wall of the building facing Hong Kong in shenzhen bay to illuminate the harbor and proclaim the authority of Hong Kong. Shenzhen bay is small, but behind it is the whole of China. In this case, it also reflects the innovation and application of LED outdoor advertising display. In the media environment of the new era, outdoor advertising integrates various communication modes, explores new media space, and creates things that are easy to produce interaction and communication, thus extending the effect of outdoor advertising spatially. LED outdoor displays are showing another vitality in a special way.


The night travel economy is booming, and outdoor LED displays are lighting up the night

According to relevant data, the total amount and number of overnight consumption in China during the Spring Festival in 2019 accounted for 28.5% and 25.7% of the total daily consumption respectively, indicating that the consumption of night travel has become a just demand, and night travel culture has also become an important part of the tourism industry in various regions. As the main force of night tour culture, the post-80s and post-90s generation have a clear demand for night tour products. Therefore, in order to improve tourists' travel experience, various regions are improving night tour product landscape day by day. Among them, the outdoor LED display, which is bright, changeable and colorful, is always eye-catching in the dark night, and has become a beautiful scene in the night in major cities, and also one of the facilities that the local government is striving to build.

Outdoor display in addition to the traditional large screen, various types of LED creative display in the night culture is gradually increasing. Glass curtain wall, floor tile screen, sky screen, curved flexible screen and other large display screen, because of its unique shape, refreshing, gather popularity, shape city landmarks. Take the day as the curtain, take the ground as the seat, they with the different viewing charm, becomes the city night tour unique scenic spot. The advertising curtain wall, which covers a wide area and has a strong visual impact, has become one of the night tour landscapes in the key construction areas. Advertising curtain wall is usually loaded on the outer wall of high-rise buildings. Its tall and gorgeous display has a strong shock power, catering to tourists' viewing needs, and has become one of the attractions where people punch in. In the future, the night travel market will be a blue ocean, LED screen enterprises at this time into the bureau, not too late.

Energy-saving lightweight will be the future market demand

With the popularization of high and new technology, as well as the change of people's way of life and entertainment. Outdoor media has become the new favorite of night travel culture, attracting the public's attention. However, due to its bright features, it has also become one of the sources of urban light pollution, and high power consumption has become one of the pain points of outdoor display screens. In the current national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, all regions will pay more attention to energy conservation construction, high power consumption and the existence of light pollution hidden dangers of outdoor display, will certainly face a severe test. Therefore, energy-saving has become the direction to meet the challenge of LED outdoor display. In terms of technology, common-shade energy-saving screen and common-shade power supply have been applied for a long time, saving up to 30% of electric energy and achieving the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction by using the principle of common-shade.

In addition, due to the poor application environment of outdoor display screen, in order to enhance its ability of preventing damage, the box of outdoor display is thicker than the ordinary display screen, but in this way, the disassembly of the display screen becomes more inconvenient. To this end, in order to ensure that the ability to prevent damage, will be the case to do light thin, more to meet the needs of businesses. In terms of the appeal of the audience, only when the audience pursues visual experience with clearer resolution and more saturated colors can they attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, outdoor display with larger spacing will become a thing of the past.

The advertising curtain wall of shenzhen bay, with its shocking visual presentation, shapes the outdoor scenery of shenzhen at night, and illuminates the Chinese red of shenzhen bay, becoming the most vivid color of shenzhen bay now and in the future, and will surely become one of the spots for tourists to punch in the future. Meanwhile, the five-starred red flag event in shenzhen bay shows that the content display mode is changing all the time, which breaks people's limited cognition of the content display mode and highlights another vitality of outdoor display.