Outdoor Advertising New Way In 2019

- Nov 17, 2019-

Outdoor advertising was produced in the late 1990s, and has gradually developed in recent years. It is an effective form of advertising for all the public to display corporate image and brand and improve the visibility of enterprises and brands.

With the continuous development of science and technology, all industries are eager to quickly improve the corporate image, especially the advertising industry. On this basis, the creativity and design effects of outdoor advertising are getting more and more attention. Obviously, outdoor advertising production has gained huge market opportunities and is also facing higher requirements.

As the third major form of advertising other than TV advertising and online media advertising, outdoor advertising has been constantly updated and upgraded with the support of the development of science and technology, serving enterprises and brands, and gradually playing new tricks.

Outdoor advertising "let's move"

"Let's move" outdoor ads? See here you may think that the internal reference gentleman hand shake typo, of course not. Without further ado, let's enjoy it first.

outdoor advertising

outdoor ads

Street graffiti is a common sight in modern life, but this "let's move" doodle by British artist INSA may be the first time you've seen it. In professional terms, this is conceptual marketing, which provides the recent consumption trend and corresponding product information by means of persuasion and promotion, arouses consumers' attention and recognition, and arouses consumers' expectations for new products.

First of all, it has already broken the routine. However, such creativity directly touches consumers' interests and prompts them to take the initiative to observe, understand and buy. This is the starting point and foothold of advertising.

Outdoor advertising is "interactive"

We are more common outdoor advertising is generally three-dimensional light box, LED large screen, advertising posters...... Outdoor advertising enables the audience to participate in it through interaction with the audience, arouses consumers' interest and response, increases the interest and interactivity of brand products, expands the communication scope, and deepens consumers' understanding and enjoyment of the brand.

As we know, bus stops and subway stations are relatively crowded, so these places naturally become places for outdoor advertising. Depending on how long it takes to get to a Pepsi Max bus stop, people waiting for the bus will see a different scenario: an alien spaceship landing, a tiger coming, a monster emerging from the ground... True, false, let a person at a loss.

Waiting for the bus is really a boring thing, adding some fun in the middle of boring things, for the audience that has been a great comfort. Moreover, such highly participatory ideas not only effectively convey the key message of the brand, but also stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

The "lure" of outdoor advertising

Leisure and entertainment is for physical and mental relaxation, reading books and newspapers is to understand information to obtain knowledge, buying products is to meet demand... There's no doubt that all of us do things to get something out of them, real or virtual, as well as user-engaged advertising.

Since ancient times, we Chinese tend to be traditional and reserved, especially between strangers, we choose to keep a certain distance. When you take the bus, do you prefer to sit alone? Are you willing to distance yourself from others when taking the subway? I think our answer is the same.

When people sit on a red bench in milan, sensors hidden in the bench activate, bringing people closer to each other. In fact, no one would like to enjoy loneliness all the time, mostly because of the environment. This magic bench, for people, is undoubtedly a strong temptation.

"Coffee, close the distance between people", yes, this is a coffee brand to do a very creative design. The reason why people want to know is partly out of curiosity, and partly because they still want to try, but no matter what, what they finally get is not only experience and praise for the idea, but also more understanding of the brand. After word of mouth, is the expansion of the scope of brand communication.

In fact, with the continuous development of science and technology, it has also promoted the development and progress of outdoor advertising, such as AR enabled outdoor advertising, precision advertising with big data analysis, etc. With the progress of our times and the development of science and technology, outdoor advertising will not go backwards and there is no room for it.

And, after the brand marketing shift from products to consumers, audience's status has improved, it is imperative to the upgrading of consumption experience, obviously, we are in an era of experience economy, audience participation and user experience become the focus of enterprise development, arouse the enthusiasm of the user, to improve the interaction between consumers and brand advertising, which is the ultimate goal of brand advertising.